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How to download applications for mobile phones

How to download applications for mobile phones

The basic function of a mobile phone - the ability to send and receive short sms-messages and make phone calls.

Today it is possible to expand this functionality by using a special application that can be downloaded from the Internet.

You will need

  • - mobile phone-
  • - A computer connected to the Internet.



First of all, you need to choose a site from whichyou will download the necessary application for your phone. It is important to know that in the pages of some of the sites are located nebesplatno applications, ie for their use or activation to be paid. Payment for such services usually takes place by sending sms-messages, and the price can be quite high. Such dissemination schemes are site owners, working with affiliate programs.


You also have to necessarily pay money for something thatcan be obtained free of charge. The basic set of programs for any phone can be found on the website, a link to which is found on the block "Additional Resources". On the loaded page is a list of all the programs with images in blog format (the latest entries are displayed from top to bottom). On the left side there is the sidebar, which is a cataloguer or a kind of table of contents of existing partitions.


Select the program from the home page and clicklink "Read more and download" to continue, or select a partition from the side menu of the site, and then the utility itself. You will see more information about this software. After reading it, you will see links to download an executable file, usually jar- or jad-format.


Click on the desired file, and in a new pageselect your phone model. If you do not know its name, it is recommended to use one of the links at the top of the page: phone that supports MIDP 1.0 and MIDP 2.0 phone support. In the new window, select "Save File" and select the destination folder, for example, the "Desktop".


Before copying the downloaded filecomputer to your phone, check it for viruses. Surely you already know that every antivirus product may not know certain types of threats, so best to check the downloaded program with a special service. Click on the link provided in the block "Additional Resources".


Click Choose File, to downloadarchive, and then Scan it button to start scanning. After a while you will see a check result: for you hold a review, 41 anti-virus program. If threats are found, feel free to flip the file to your phone's memory card.

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