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How to download applications for mobile phones


How to download applications for mobile phones</a>

The main function of a mobile phone is the ability to send and receive short SMS messages, as well as make phone calls.

Today, you can significantly expand this functionality if you use special applications that you can download from the Internet.

You will need

  • - mobile phone-
  • - A computer with an Internet connection.



First of all, you need to select a site from whichYou will download the necessary applications for the phone. It is important to know that on the pages of some sites there are non-payment applications, i.e. For their use or activation it is necessary to pay. Payment for these services usually goes through sending sms-messages, and the price can be quite high. Such schemes of distribution are used by site owners who cooperate with partner programs.


You do not need to pay money forCan be obtained free of charge. The basic set of programs for any phone can be found on the site, the link to which is indicated in the block "Additional sources". The downloaded page contains a list of all programs with images in the blog format (the latest entries are displayed from the top down). In the left part there is a side panel, which is a cataloguer or a kind of table of contents for existing sections.


Select the program from the main page and clickLink "Read more and download" to continue, or select a section from the side menu of the site, and then the utility itself. You will see detailed information about this software. After reading it, you will see links to download the executable, usually jar or jad-format.


Click on the desired archive and on a new pageSelect your phone model. If you do not know its name, it is recommended to use one of the links at the top of the page: a phone with support for MIDP 1.0 or a phone with MIDP 2.0 support. In a new window, select the option "Save file" and specify the destination folder, for example, "Desktop".


Before copying the downloaded file from theComputer on the phone you need to check it for viruses. Surely you already know that each antivirus product may not know some types of threats, so the downloaded program is better to check using a special service. Click the link in the "Additional sources" box.


Click the Choose File button to downloadArchive, and then click Scan it to start scanning. After a while you will see the result of the test: 41 anti-virus programs will be scanned for you. If no threats are found, you can safely transfer the file to your phone's memory card.

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