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How to download animated avatar

How to download animated avatar

In order to highlight its page insocial networks on the background of a million others, people are experimenting with colors and originality of the image in the photo, but the animated avatar undeniably better.

You can download it just like a photo or using a special application.



Check out the animated GIF format images. This image, which are created in special applications. You can download ready-made, which is already on the Internet.


Install special editor on your computer towork with GIF-files. These editors are many enough to create your own avatar, you can choose any you like, but it is better to start to dwell on that, which is the easiest to use.


Save all the images from which will consistanimated avatar, in one size and in the same format, in order to maintain the highest quality images with animation. This will facilitate the work, and will preserve the harmony of the varying images.


Import all the images in a draft formatGIF and set up the time to change each image. Make sure that the picture did not change too quickly. Save satisfied with the results on the computer in the settlement of a GIF file.


Make sure that the end resultthe image does not exceed the size of the allowable maximum specified on the site where you want to upload animation. On a page on the social network get the avatar change function and download the created image.


To download a file in a network of such authorization"VKontakte" Use document download format page. This feature supports the most popular resolutions and allows you to upload a large file.


In the social network ICQ animated avatarsloaded with the proviso that a computer program is downloaded QIP latest 2010 release. If the file server load replied that there was an error, then return to the starting position of their profile and wait a few minutes and refresh the page - the desired avatar may appear. Then save the settings and continue as usual.

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