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How to upload an animated avatar


How to upload an animated avatar</a>

In order to highlight your page inSocial networks on the background of a million others, people are experimenting with the color scheme and the originality of the image itself in the photo, but the animated avatar is indisputably better.

You can download it simply as a photo or using a special application.



See animated GIF images. These are pictures that are created in special applications. You can download the finished ones, which are already on the Internet.


Install a special editor on your computer forWork with GIF-files. These editors are many, you can choose any one you like to create your own avatar, but it's better to start by choosing the one that is the easiest to use.


Save all the images that will be made up ofAnimated avatar, in the same size and in the same format, to maintain the highest quality image when animating. This will make the work easier and will allow you to keep the harmony of changing images.


Import all images into one project of the formatGIF and arrange the time to change each image. Make sure the pictures do not change too fast. Save the satisfied result on the computer in the GIF file resolution.


Make sure that the final resultThe image did not exceed the maximum size allowed on the site where you want to upload the animation. On the social networking page, find the avatar change function and load the created image.


To download a file of this permission on the network"VKontakte" use the format of uploading a document to the page. This function supports most popular resolutions and allows you to upload a large file.


In the social network ICQ animated avatarsAre downloaded provided that the QIP program is downloaded to the computer no later than 2010 of release. If the server responds when the file is downloaded, that an error has occurred, then go back to the initial position of your profile and wait a few minutes, refresh the page - the desired avatar can appear. Then save the settings and continue working as usual.

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