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DOTS own hands improvised

Dots own hands improvised

Dots - a tool to spot paint application. It is a wooden or plastic stick with a metal tip to form a ball.

Such tips are usually located on both sides of the handle.

This tool is used to create patterns on the nails.

Use it to make clear straight points and circles of different diameters.

Dots can be bought in a shop in the set, and individually, but why spend money when you can make it your own improvised ?!

You will need

  • - shpilka-
  • - Invisibility with a round tip, similar to kaplyu-
  • - Tailor bulavki-
  • - Pencils with erasers on kontse-
  • - spichki-
  • - The mechanical pencil thick slates



As a ready-DOTS can use invisibility with a rounded tip or pin, for the application of the smaller points. Studs and invisible, simply straighten, DOTS is ready!


Tailors pin with a bead on the end - another DOTS larger diameter! And for convenience, you need to stick a needle into the eraser tip of a pencil. He will play the role of the handle.


If none of the above was nothouse, save ordinary match! Her head is too well perform the function of DOTS. And to make it more convenient to point the match to break in half and insert into the mechanical pencil for thick pencil. Such DOTS is suitable for single use. Fortunately, a sufficient number of matches in a box.


This is what happens!

Example Neil art using DOTS

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