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Doors for bathroom and toilet. How should I take care of them?


Doors for toilet and bath need carefulCare, primarily for hygiene and sanitation. Well and besides, with regular and correct cleaning this part of the interior will serve you much longer.

Care of doors

Doors in the bathroom or toilet should be washed inDepending on the intensity of use - weekly or once a month. Especially the lower part of the doors requires thorough cleaning. The surface must be wiped first with a damp cloth, and then wipe dry. Do not use abrasive substances in any case, as they will lead to microdamage coatings. Important is the regular airing of the premises.

For toilet and bathroom it is best to choose modelsDoors that can withstand the constant effects of moisture, steam and heat. The easiest way is to look after the doors of PVC or plastic. They are easy to clean from dirt with the usual household chemicals. You can prepare this solution by yourself: for 1 part of alcohol you need to take 9 parts of water.

Doors veneered can only be processedMeans that are recommended for this particular material. For example, waxes and polishes. It is allowed to use a 10% alcohol solution. For surfaces coated with varnish, detergents that contain solvents are not suitable. They just "eat" the lacquer.

Behind the doors from the array, they take care with a soft flannel cloth soaked in alcohol. Then they are wiped dry. After washing, apply a liquid or as a spray protective composition.

Care for the glass door

Glass doors for toilet and bathroom are veryEasy to care for. The condensation settling on the surface of the doors is perhaps the only problem that can arise in this case. It is not recommended to wipe the condensate with a napkin: no ugly stains will remain on the glass. It will be the best option to include after taking a water cure fan. If there is no fan, then you just need to open the door to evaporate the moisture naturally.

For the care of glass doors are usedSpecial tools, they should not contain abrasive and alkali. Chromed fittings can not be treated with glass care products. It is enough to wipe it with a dry soft cloth, and the internal mechanisms can sometimes be lubricated with engine oil.

If the care of the toilet and bathroom doors is correct and regular, they will remain beautiful for a long time and will last for a long time.

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