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How to donate blood with a load


How to donate blood with a load</a>

Diabetes mellitus is a dangerous disease that leads to serious complications. The first signs of diabetes are: thirst, fatigue, general weakness, dry mouth, itching of the skin.

But even these signs can be absent at the very beginning stage of the disease.

Therefore, all need to donate blood to determine the level of sugar.



If you have at least one of the followingSymptoms or you feel general weakness, fast fatigue, on the skin there are pustular eruptions, as well as with frequent colds, the presence of increased or decreased appetite, contact a local therapist. You will be given general tests, an analysis for blood sugar levels without exercise and with exercise.


If you have a blood test for a sugar levelWith load, it means that they will carry out two analyzes. First, you donate blood to an empty stomach, then take 100 g of glucose in the form of tablets or syrup. Blood will be taken from your veins, because this is the most accurate method of diagnosis, allowing you to determine the slightest fluctuations in sugar levels. The second analysis will take you 1.5-2 hours after the first.


Before you pass the tests, you must comply with allRecommendation of a doctor who will cancel all medications taken. In the evening, try not to eat 5-6 hours before sleep and all day before, do not eat sweet. Directly on the day of the tests do not smoke, do not drink tea and coffee, do not get nervous, do not rush, calm down.


The analysis will be ready in a few hours. If you give it in a regular clinic, you will be told to come for the results the next day.


After taking tablets or glucose syrupNormal values ​​are 7.8 mmol / l. If your indicators were higher, but did not exceed 11.0 mmol, then this is already a condition of prediabetes and a correction of sugar is required. If you are over 11.0 mmol / l, you will receive treatment, because with this analysis, diabetes has already developed and the disease is not in its initial stages.


If you take blood from your finger, the normal test results will be slightly different, about 10-12% down.


If you have been diagnosed with prediabetesOr diabetes, you should systematically visit an endocrinologist, follow all his recommendations and be sure to monitor blood sugar level with a glucometer that can be bought at any pharmacy at a very reasonable price.

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