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Domestic use pressure washers

Using household pressure washers

High Pressure Washer refers to minimoek category for home use.

Moreover, they are used not only for washing machines(This is the traditional option of using this technology), but also for home cleaning, washing windows, etc. Of course, that such a device has its advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, you must very responsible and attentive to the choice of similar devices, taking into account the advice of professionals.

Typically, high-pressure washing power,those. those that are powered from the mains. Voltage which is used in the device - 220, and therefore the connection problems arise. The main plus minimoyki that she spends more sparingly water than in the case of washing by hand. Despite the obvious advantages of such a device, choose it very carefully.

Features Pressure Washers

It works pretty simple cleaning. Inside is the engine, which makes rotate and open parts - washers, valves and nebulizer. As a result, the washer spins, the water moves on a progressive-return path and into the valve dispenser. As a result of all these actions is formed powerful pressure, which supplies water to the desired area.

The housing of such a device is typically made fromplastics that can withstand almost any attack, which means that it will not break and will not crack under any, even a strong enough influence on it. In addition, the hose leading to the spray gun, and is made of durable materials, thanks to which it is able to withstand strong water pressure and not torn.

Despite the perfect selection of materials,experts do not recommend the use of minimoyku more than 2 hours. Continuous operation leads to more rapid wear and greatly reduces the life of your unit.

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Professional minimoyki usedin everyday life, such as Bosch (Bosch), Karcher (Karcher) and many others, have been successfully used as household appliances, due to the large number of nozzles and sprayers. They allow the use of high-pressure washing, not only for the car wash, but also for cleaning the house and washing of facades, roofs and floor cleaning. However, when choosing a car wash be sure to consider whether you need all the features that have this unit. Maybe worth to choose the model simpler and not overpay.

What is in Minisink and the principle of its operation

The basic elements of a high-pressure washer - is:
- Rugged body-
- The engine, which can be both electric and benzinovym-
- High pressure pump-
- Container for washing sredstv-
- Hoses and nozzles.

Powered washing in a specific pattern. It looks like this. Water from any source - water pipe, pond cleaning - using the connection gets into the washing compartment and pumped pump that increases water pressure up to 160 bar. When compared with a jet of water from the tap - where the pressure is 5 bar.

The water then goes through the hose - it just movespressure - to the gun, which is present injector, the feed water. There is a nozzle that opredeleyaet will keep water jet or sprayed. It all depends on the surface you are going to handle. So, if you need to cover a large area, such as a car body, a veranda area, etc., suitable fan spray. To remove stubborn dirt in the specific area is better to use spot option.

To add an additional car wash nozzles: rotating brush head with a rotary nozzle, nozzle for cleaning the bottom and the one that will come in handy for cleaning wheel arches, as well as many others. Works such device without contact, and therefore the risk of damaging the paintwork of the body of car, scratching the decorative tiles veranda or terrace, leave streaks on the glass is reduced to zero.

What to look for when choosing a high-pressure washers

When you pick up his perfect cleaning,pay attention to such parameter as the performance (by which is meant the flow of water) pressure and engine power. Especially important is the last option, because the more power, the better the other indicators. Powerful Minisink will give a stronger water pressure, resulting in improved both the quality and speed of cleaning contaminated surfaces. For domestic purposes the ideal option is to sink, which has a 100 bar working pressure.

Types of high pressure washers

Types of sinks are determined according to various parameters. First of all, they are divided into household and professional use. First have a smaller number of hours of work, joined to the water mains or water. Professional in their background have higher levels. They have a much better design, materials and technology intensive. The pressure in such devices is much higher than that of appliances.

Often expensive professional cleaning highPressure is not recommended for use by beginners. They are designed more at experienced users. Therefore, if you have not dealt with before washing, select the consumer, easier.

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Another parameter that determine the typeSink - is the heating of water. There are, of course, models with or without heating. The first option is used successfully to address long-standing pollution, as well as in the winter or in the condition when hot water is not at hand. Water is heated in such washes typically by a special burner, which is disposed within the housing. Plus unit without heating is that it has fewer options, it is more compact and easy to use, and more maneuverable.

High-pressure washing type is different and the type ofsupply. Thus, the most common options - it is powered from the power washing. Naturally, such devices are used only where no electrical problems. In difficult conditions, when there is no opportunity to use the current, suitable stand-alone options. This petrol versions, which work as the cars on the 92-m gasoline.

And, of course, minimoek difference is in the type ofdisplacement. Thus, for example, distinguish the mobile and stationary models. The first is ideal when you need to clean hard to reach areas as well as remote areas. Typically, these devices are equipped with wheels and a long hose. The fixed version is more used by professionals in the industry. Connected directly to such water supply, but because of the mobility of speech does not go.

Minimoyku can select and appearance, and withthe study of all the main characteristics. You can also choose a foreign manufacturer, and domestic. The main thing is that the selected device meets all the requirements that you are bringing to it and great at his job.

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