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Dolomite flour: application in agriculture


Dolomite flour is a carbonateThe rock, which was ground to a powdery state. In various branches of the national economy, it has been very successfully applied. It is especially used in agriculture.

Dolomite flour
In agriculture, dolomite flour is usedMainly for soil deoxidation. Simply acid soils are practically not suitable for growing crops. Well, fertilizers, which are constantly introduced into the soil, can not be completely absorbed by the plants due to increased acidity. Dolomite flour actually reduces the acidity of the soil. As a result, the yield is growing. And the use of fertilizers becomes more effective.

Useful composition of dolomite flour

The composition of dolomite flour contains a hugeAmount of calcium. It will help not only improve the work of the root system of plants, but will also help to increase the effectiveness of this process. Also dolomite flour contains magnesium. This chemical element takes an active part in photosynthesis. Chlorophyll must contain magnesium. By the way, the deoxidizer can be added not only to the open ground. It can be introduced into greenhouse greenhouses. True, such an introduction is best done no more than four times a year.

Dolomite flour for growing plants

Especially fruit-bearing stone trees needPeriodic application of the above additive. Dolomite flour is added at least twice a year. Usually, it is introduced into the soil immediately after harvesting has been removed along the trunks. It is very important to observe this technique of application. Under the black currant is usually covered not more than 500 grams of dolomite. This procedure takes place every two years.

Vegetable crops also can not do withoutDolomite flour. Especially in her needs cabbage. For good development and growth of vegetables, it is necessary to make dolomite flour immediately before planting. In the process of planting tomatoes and potatoes is also recommended the use of such a substance. In order to increase the efficiency of the dolomite, it is necessary to use copper sulfate, boric acid and other similar additives, which include these elements. But mixing dolomite flour with ammonium nitrate, urea, manure is not recommended at all.

It is known that the shelf life of dolomite flourIs not limited in any way. Fodder beans, onions, lettuce, winter crops, barley and cucumbers will hardly be able to do without the use of dolomite flour. Liming is extremely positive for not only acid, but also weakly acidic soils.

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