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Doing your own hands the greenhouse single-cascade


We do our own hands the one-cascade hotbed</a>

Make a seedling for the seedling, and then the seedlings will be easier to land in the open ground, and it will blossom faster.

The construction of the park can be done from anyHand material. For its construction, both old window frames and the remnants of boards are suitable. If there were no frames, then you can put together boards, fasten them with metal corners and stretch the top of the film. The film protects seedlings well, it can not be broken and can easily be replaced in case of damage. Glass still better passes the sun's rays and retains heat longer.

The one-cascade greenhouse has a slope of 7-10 degrees, so you need to choose for it such a place that this slope was to the south. With this arrangement, the seedlings will receive more light.

Then you need to determine the dimensions of the sides of the box. For greenery and low-growing vegetables it will be sufficient to have heights of 15-16 cm on one side and 24-25 cm on the other, if desired, you can increase the height to 1 meter. If you increase the height, you need not forget that one side should be 10-20 cm larger than the other.

The length and width of the greenhouse depends entirely onDimensions of the frame. With the help of loops the frame is fixed to the box, and in order to keep it open, the outer side is strengthened with metal clips. When the hotbed needs to be ventilated, wooden supports come into place in the braces with the upper ends.

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