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Whether a person needs to vodka

Does the person need a vodka

People have long known that vodka - it is the traditional drink of the Russian people, and it is hard to imagine at least one meal, which would not have been present this "luxury."

Vodka or "snakes in glass", and its negative impact on the human body

It has long been underway antialcoholic war, buthuman craving for alcohol, and more specifically, to vodka, much stronger than the law. Of course, nearly every person knows how negative effect this strong alcoholic drink on the human body and thus causes various diseases. Cirrhosis of the liver - this is just a small fraction of the poison, which can develop in the process of excessive use or craving.

Vodka is a very detrimental effect on the cardiovascular system. Nothing good can come from overuse, and ultimately lead to the abuse of a stroke or a heart attack.

Some people are fond of this product, inone voice say that the best antidepressant just been invented, so resorted to such a solution. But, however much it may be a positive thing (after drinking, one feels at first pleasant, relaxed, easy), as a rule, to replace such removed depression comes aggression, irritability, anger and headache.

vodka pros

But just as in negative, in the presentharmful products have a positive side. If the drink is consumed in normal doses, it can not only warm the body in case of hypothermia, as well as to expand the blood vessels, which is also important in some situations. There is also a fair amount of infusions of herbs with the addition of alcohol or vodka, for a thorough deliverance from disease.
Particularly noticeable alcohol use (vodka) tooutside the body, that is, an external application. Alcohol compresses act as antipyretic agents and as disinfectants for wounds, abrasions and burns, in the event that there is nothing more suitable hand.

Some people prefer to get rid of the bacteria in such a way, but vodka is diluted with warm water and baking soda perfectly used for the temporary removal of a toothache.

Considering all the above, everyone shoulddecide for themselves what is the impact on the human body of vodka. But it is worth remembering that the consumption of vodka in the early stages causes cravings and in consequence of causing irreparable damage to all the organs and body as a whole, so it is best to treat the matter more seriously. In addition, you need to know when to stop the use of this strong alcoholic drink.

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