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Do people change for the sake of love?

Whether people are changing for the sake of love?

Not everyone is ready to change yourself for the sake of a loved one, but it does not mean that his feelings are not strong enough.

In a relationship you should always look for a compromise, otherwise they will not have a future.

Should I change?

True love works wonders, and it inspiresIt makes hearts beat in unison. People sacrifice principle, break stereotypes, just to keep it light feeling. Is it worth it to change for the sake of love? The answer is ambiguous, it all depends on the requirements of the second half.
If a loved one unnecessarily causesthrow a favorite thing or radically change the attitude to the world, it is, of course, can cause internal protest and become an obstacle in the relationship. But similar observations about the style of clothing, bad habits and manners of behavior can even be very appropriate.

The relationship can not be losers and winners, partners should be able to give, and go to meet each other.

Can anyone change?

Not everyone is ready to make concessionsfor the second half. It all depends on the temperament, attitude and, of course, the power of the senses. It happens that the moral person is ready to get rid of its shortcomings, for example, to stop drinking or smoking, but physical dependence is stronger. In this case, the outcome of his efforts depends on the support of loved ones.
When it comes to giving up some modelbehavior, the situation is a little more complicated. The girl, trying to make inveterate razgildyaya home a good girl, can be unpleasantly surprised by his reaction. Sometimes people want to be loved and appreciated for what they are and there is nothing wrong with that. This is a private matter.

Ask the other half can be changed only if it has a positive impact on the relationship and become a plus for a loved one.

Do not demand the impossible

Before you make a loved onechange dramatically, you need to weigh the pros and cons, as well as a well-thought, is it not affect his dignity. For example, a girl who is dissatisfied with the figure of a Man, should not criticize him in the company of friends, because no one is forced to meet with him. It can gently offer with trips to the gym, if it is really important to her.
You do not need to demand from your favorite impossible,work is unlikely to become a millionaire, and office worker - athlete. It is necessary to think before you start a relationship, so you do not have to endlessly change something. A loving person usually says in the second half more positive attributes than negative. But if the partner is always dissatisfied with something, it is worth considering whether such a relationship needs. After all, you need to change yourself, not for love, but for the sake of it!

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