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Are people changing for love?


Do people change for love?</a>

Not every person is ready to change himself for the sake of a loved one, however this does not mean that his feelings are not strong enough.

In a relationship, one always needs to look for a compromise, otherwise they will not have a future.

Is it worth changing?

True love works wonders, it inspires andMakes the heart beat in unison. People sacrifice principles, break stereotypes, just to preserve this light feeling. Is it worth changing for the sake of love? The answer is ambiguous, it all depends on the requirements of the second half.
If a loved one makes groundlesslyThrow a favorite thing or radically change the attitude to the world, this, of course, can cause an internal protest and become an obstacle in the relationship. But the remarks of relatives about the style of clothes, bad habits and behaviors may even be very appropriate.

In relations there can not be losers and winners, partners must be able to concede and meet each other.

Can everyone change?

Not every person is ready to make concessionsFor the sake of the other half. Everything depends on the temperament, the life position and, of course, the strength of the senses. It happens that a person is morally ready to get rid of their shortcomings, for example, stop drinking or smoking, but physical dependence is stronger. In this case, the outcome of his efforts directly depends on the support of close people.
When it comes to the rejection of some modelBehavior, the situation is slightly more complicated. A girl trying to make an avid slut from a home-grown child can be unpleasantly surprised by his reaction. Sometimes people want to be loved and appreciated for what they are, and there's nothing wrong with that. This is a private matter for everyone.

Asking the other half to change can only be if it positively affects the relationship and will be a plus for a loved one.

Do not ask the impossible

Before you make a loved oneCardinally change, you need to weigh all the pros and cons, and also think twice about whether this will affect its dignity. For example, a girl who is unhappy with the figure of a guy should not criticize him in the company of friends, because no one forced him to meet with him. She can gently offer to go to the gym together if this is really important for her.
It is not necessary to demand from loved ones the impossible,A worker is unlikely to become a millionaire, and an office worker is an athlete. You need to think about this before you start a relationship, so that later you do not have to change something infinitely. A loving person usually sees in the second half more positive qualities than negative ones. But if a partner is always dissatisfied with something, it is worth considering whether such a relationship is really needed. After all, you need to change yourself not for the sake of love, but for the good of it!

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