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Is alcoholism inherited

Is alcoholism inherited

Alcoholism - a disease associated with psychological and physical addiction to human spirits.

This disease is difficult to treat, often people die from the consequences of their actions while intoxicated.

Alcohol and heredity

Research on Alcoholism held onfor many years. The purpose of most of them - the answer to the question - whether the disease is hereditary. According to the latest findings of scientists, alcohol dependence is not purely genetic disease. It forms a complex, but for the most part depends on the external aspects - psychological, ecological. With regard to hereditary factors, it is important to the ability of enzymes in the body break down alcohol, someone has high speed of this process, and such people are not prone to alcoholism, in other low - then the chance of contracting a fairly large. This feature can actually be transmitted from generation to generation.

The development of alcoholism by 60-70% depending on the influence of family and parental rights, and the remaining 30-40% are features of the person and the environment.

Children of alcoholics

Particularly at risk for alcoholism buy thosewho bore the mother during pregnancy abused alcohol. Such babies may show the so-called "hangover". The disease they formed back in the inconscient age.
According to scientists, 80% of alcoholics becomedependent due to hereditary factors. Their drinking is at least one of the parents. Importantly, the impact on the child's heredity can not only parents, but also all direct relatives up to the 4th generation.

Children of alcoholics have some feature of biochemical systems in the brain, which contributes to dependence is significantly faster than in the human body with a good heredity.

In addition, scientists have gradually come to the conclusion,that the more people in the family suffering from the disease, the more likely to get this addiction. Children from such families is better to completely abandon the use of alcoholic beverages. After all, the line between cultural consumption and the first stage of alcoholism is quite thin.
Very often the children of these families not only suffer from alcoholism, they are quicker than others to acquire the other dependencies.
For example, substance abuse or become addicted. Scientists attribute this to the "replacement addiction", but this is only
one of many opinions.

Drinkers relatives

Of course, do not despair to the people insomeone drinking father or mother. Not all of the children in these families grow alcoholics. After all, if you do not drink alcohol, it is possible to avoid the development of dependence. To do this, you must control yourself and learn to give a solid negative response to the proposals drink. You should also make contact with people "respect" alcohol to a minimum and find a social club, where it will be possible to communicate with interesting people and discuss some exciting events.

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