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Is there a Russian 4G

Does Russia 4G-Internet

fourth-generation data networks capable of providing access to the Internet at speeds up to 100 megabits per second, and if you do not move the subscriber device - the 1000.

Currently, in the Russian Federation there are several operators of such networks.

Historically, the first ISP standardWiMax in Russia was the company "Skartel" provides its services under the trademark "Iota". In 2008, she launched a WiMax network standard in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Interestingly, prior to April 2009, it is available in a test mode for free. Currently, "Iota" operates in several Russian cities. In May 2012, the Moscow network segment was transferred to standard WiMax to LTE. The most loyal customers while the UE was replaced gratis.

Second Russian 4G-provider - "Comstar" -It caters to subscribers only in Moscow, but still uses the WiMax standard. But this operator has another advantage: it can acquire not only fixed but also the pocket routers, similar to those used for 3G-networks. With a pocket such a device, the user can connect it to a smartphone that does not have WiMax-module, and there are only WiFi.

"Comstar" is part of the same organization -AFK "System" - as the mobile operator MTS. The latter, in turn, plans to deploy its 4G-network in the near future. Already it is known that it will operate not only in Moscow but also in other Russian cities.

In spring 2012 the fourth communication servicesgeneration began to provide cellular operator "MegaFon". On sale a model of LTE modem, and until mid-July 2012 the network operated in test mode. But even in this period, free access is only in that case, if the subscriber is in the same region in which it concluded a contract with the operator.

The disadvantage of all the 4G-networks is overestimatedsubscription fee for unlimited access. It exceeds the cost of the same service and EDGE- in 3G-networks in five to eight times. So first of all, the method of access to the Internet are interested in those for whom the data rate is more important than price.

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