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Does class weightlifting at the height of the

Young weightlifter

Sport helps a person to develop and strengthen the muscles and grow. It is believed that the child does not fit all kinds of physical activities.

Weight lifting, harmful or useful it is for a growing organism?

Choosing a destination for your sporta child whose parents are trying to find out in advance about the positive and negative aspects of this species. Those who wish to send their kid to a section of weightlifting or powerlifting exercises, interested, will not affect whether the physical load on the growth of the child?

Going over the bar make a person below?

It is noticed that the girl can grow up to 19 years, boys under 22. The active phase of growth occurs in adolescents:
•; In girls - from 11 to 13
•; In men - from 13 to 16.
During this period a child for a year can add 7-10 cm. Therefore, parents do not want to give them to the sections of weightlifting, so as not to slow down the process.
It is believed that the active sessions and heavyload will harm flanked by an immature body. Growth hormones are spent on muscle growth, energy and the nutrients will be directed at the wrong direction. A growing body can not cope with the load, which will adversely affect the formation of the child's body and its internal organs and systems.
Ongoing studies have shown that it is not. Subject to proper nutrition, all the rules for the implementation of exercises and precise calculation of loads, weight lifting no harm will not bring health. Physical Education, on the contrary, helps to strengthen bones and muscles.
If you measure the height of the before and after school to the pole, it will change and people "reduced" by 3 cm. It is permissible norm.

Human growth for any of the day varies. No difference loadings measurements taken in the morning and evening will be 1 - 2 cm If you are carrying heavy bags, or over tighten the furniture, then you can become shorter by 1.5 cm or more, for a little while..

The changes are related to the sealing of the intervertebral vertebrae. With age, every person begins to decline in growth. In 60 years, you will become lower at 2.3 cm, and 80 - by 5-7 cm, in contrast to 22 years.

Power load does not affect the height of the

Typically, in the section related to the severe physicalloads such as powerlifting, weightlifting and bodybuilding, begin to recruit children aged 8-9 years. Baby's body begins to form and exercise help to properly develop the bone structure and muscles. It is believed that the exercises with barbell slow down these processes. Supposedly the bar on the shoulders of pressure on the spine, and it does not give the baby to grow.
Coach Weightlifting will tell you that it is a myth.

In the week to train spent about 8 hours,net time spent on the shoulders of the bar will be only 30 minutes. This is 0.3% of the time, the rest 99.7% of nothing is pressing on the spine, and the child grows.

It is proved that physical activity, exercises with barbell including, stimulate the production of growth hormones. Most of these children spent on the development and growth of the bone skeleton.
Judging by the growth of well-knownathletes, weightlifters, it should be noted that the stocky and stunted people stay stable on your feet. In this way, they achieve success mainly undersized burly. They can lift more weight and keep it longer.
Therefore, if you or your child would like to do weight training, do not hesitate. Any exercise under the supervision of an experienced coach will not bring harm.

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