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Does burdock against rats

Does burdock against rats

The rats are the scourge of gardeners and owners of cellars.

From these rodents is extremely difficult to get rid of, so people often resort to the most unusual methods of scaring away, even using burdock.

Agrimony vs rat

Unfolding thorns thistles in habitatsrats caused its extreme tenacity. Running to these thorns, rats literally hang them - and pull out the bur even fabric, not to mention the fur of rodents, is extremely difficult. In addition to the difficulty of getting rid of fur burdock it is also a very painful exercise, as there is no finger in the rats, and they are forced to bite off his teeth.

For maximum effect should be to lay the driest thorns thistles, which tightly entangled coats rodents.

The effectiveness of this method is quite controversial -because rats are known to be highly intelligent animals. Having got into trouble with brambles once, in the second they simply bypass his party. However, once is usually enough to rat vlipshaya in Repeynikova trap permanently lost the desire to roam to places completely packed spines. Fasten the effect, you can use the poison for rats, which can be treated with burdock - it gnawing, rodent poison feels full and completely terrorized to leave the house / basement alone.

Traditional recipes and remedies for rats

To get rid of harmful rodents, needdry grain mix with cement or gypsum (suit and alabaster, mixed with flour) in a ratio of 1: 1 and put next to the rat burrows. Next you need to put vodichku for zapivaniya. Eaten mixture grab the rat stomach and cement from the inside. Also performed well, and copper sulfate, mixed with egg, hard-boiled.

When using any poison need to be monitored closely to ensure that it does not hit in the stomach pets.

Another effective way to get rid of rats -ignition in a bucket of old piece of rubber that will smoke under the cover cap. Bucket with smoldering tires should be dipped in a cellar and cover it tightly. All soot will settle on the lid and sides of the bucket, and the smell of rubber expel all rats for a few years. The cellar can be aired in a week and repeat the procedure in a year or two.
You can also put on the exhaust pipe of the machinehose, connect it to the rat burrows, covering the earth moves, so that the smoke did not leave them. After that, the holes need to put carbide. The procedure must be performed in a gas mask to avoid inhaling polluted air of carbon monoxide.
Another clever way - catch the rat and its wool podsmolit soldering iron. The other rats will run out of the hole where it will come back, because they can not stand the smell of singed.

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