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Frolov Respiratory Training

Frolov's respiration training helps to get rid of diseases of the respiratory system, accelerates the regenerative processes in the body after an illness, strengthens the immune system.

In addition, this unit helps to lose weight.

Scientific evidence shows that using respiratoryGymnastics can win many diseases, including those that are not related to the respiratory system. Develop a tool for such studies, the inventors have tried many, but the most successful trainer recognized academician VF Frolov. In 1995, the unit was recognized by Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation as an effective means for the treatment and prevention of various diseases of the respiratory system, which can be used to strengthen the immune system, adaptation and rehabilitation of the body.

What simulator Frolov?

This breathing exerciser combinesseveral developments. Frolov used "Breathing exercises Strelnikova", "Buteyko Method" and the latest achievements of modern science. The resulting device and system developed by him breathing began to be used both in hospitals and at home.
Frolov simulator consists of a glass from the insidechamber cover and the mouthpiece of the respiratory tube. Outwardly, it looks like an ordinary inhaler. Inside pour the water, so breathing is necessary to overcome the resistance.

Water is poured into the unit performs two functions: natural filter, clean the air of carbon dioxide, and water seal that creates resistance. The water temperature should not be below room temperature.

The operating principle is simple. With each exhalation, the amount of carbon monoxide increases. Inhaling air with a reduced oxygen content, you imitate hypoxia, receiving breathing effect in the atmosphere of high mountains. This helps to mobilize the immune and circulatory system, respiratory system and neuroendocrine centers.

Frolov's training and Weight Loss

During training, breathing should be diaphragmatic, ie, inspiratory you rounded belly, exhale maximum retract.

Important: with proper diaphragmatic breathing chest, on inspiration and expiration, is fixed!

Such exercise helpful in losing weight. Respiratory Training helps to speed up metabolism, restores the lipid metabolism and improves metabolism.
In this fat burning takes place. Activation of regenerative processes promotes faster cell renewal. Toxins are not retained in the body. Regular classes are trained respiratory system and make it stronger.
When combined with diet and proper nutritionthe results will be visible after 3 weeks. According to the reviews, you can easily learn how to use breathing simulator. This technique is combined with many other types of physical activity, different treatments, homeopathy and acupuncture.

Indications and contraindications

Weight loss attributed to adverse properties of the respiratory exerciser, mainly as it is used to treat:
- Emphysema and bronchial astmy-
- Sinusitis, nasal breathing disorders and loss obonyaniya-
- Respiratory aritmii-
- Laryngitis, frontitov-
- Chronic pneumonia and focal tuberculosis legkih-
- Dry and wet kashlya-
- Heart-disease
- Vascular distonii-
- Osteochondrosis and sklerozov-
- Headaches, dizziness and obmorokov-
- Pathological klimaksa-
- Insomnia and nervous stress.
Contraindications include acute formsinfectious diseases. Do not use the simulator for chronic diseases in decompensation stage and during exacerbation. Do not approach it, and for the treatment of diseases with pronounced hypoxemia, with hemoptysis and recurrent pulmonary hemorrhage. During the period of severe hypertensive crisis.
The use of the simulator is desirable to align with the doctor. Without fail it should make people have undergone organ transplants or have any implants.

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