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HELPING a breath simulator for burning fat


Frolov's breathing apparatus</a>

Frolov's breathing apparatus helps to get rid of diseases of the respiratory system, accelerates the recovery processes in the body after the diseases, strengthens the immune system.

In addition, this machine helps to lose weight.

It has been scientifically proven that with the help of respiratoryGymnastics can defeat many diseases, including those that are not associated with respiratory organs. Many inventors have tried to develop an adaptation for such occupations, but the simulator of academician VF has been recognized as the most successful. Frolov. In 1995, the device was recognized by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation as an effective tool for the treatment and prevention of various diseases of the respiratory system, which can be used to strengthen immunity, adaptation and rehabilitation of the body.

What is Frolov's simulator?

This breathing apparatus combinedSeveral developments. Frolov used the "Respiratory Gymnastics Strelnikova", "Buteyko Method" and the latest achievements of modern science. The received apparatus and the breathing system developed by him began to be used both in medical institutions and at home.
Frolov's simulator consists of a glass with an internalCamera, cover, breathing tube and mouthpiece. Outwardly it resembles an ordinary inhaler. Inside, water is poured, so you have to overcome your resistance by breathing.

The water poured into the device performs 2 functions: A natural filter that cleans the air of carbon dioxide, and a hydraulic shutter that creates a resistance. The temperature of the water must not be below room temperature.

The principle of operation is simple. With each exhalation the amount of carbon monoxide will increase. Breathing air with a low oxygen content, you simulate hypoxia, getting a breath effect in the high altitude atmosphere. This helps to mobilize the work of the immune and circulatory systems, the respiratory apparatus and neuroendocrine centers.

Frolov's simulator and weight loss

During training, breathing should be diaphragmatic, that is, on inhalation you round the abdomen, as much as you breathe out.

Important: with the right diaphragmatic breathing, the chest, on inhaling and exhaling, remains immobile!

Such physical exertion is useful in losing weight. The breathing simulator promotes the acceleration of metabolic processes, restores lipid metabolism and improves metabolism.
Due to this, fats are burned. Activation of regenerative processes promotes faster cell renewal. Slag and toxins are not retained in the body. Regular exercises train the respiratory system and make it stronger.
In combination with diets and proper nutritionResults will be visible after 3 weeks. By feedback, you can easily learn to use a breathing machine. This technique is perfectly combined with many other types of exercise, various treatments, homeopathy and acupuncture.

Indications and contraindications

Weight loss is classified as a side effect of the respiratory simulator, basically it is used to treat:
- emphysema of the lungs and bronchial asthma-
- sinusitis, nasal breathing and loss of smell-
- respiratory arrhythmia-
- laryngitis, frontitis-
- chronic pneumonia and focal pulmonary tuberculosis -
- dry and wet cough-
- heart disease-
- vegetative-vascular dystonia-
- osteochondrosis and sclerosis-
- headaches, dizziness and fainting-
- pathological climax-
- Insomnia and nervous stress.
Contraindications include acute formsInfectious diseases. You can not use the simulator for chronic diseases in the stage of decompensation and during an exacerbation. It will not be suitable for the treatment of diseases with pronounced hypoxemia, hemoptysis and recurrent pulmonary hemorrhages. In the period of severe hypertensive crisis.
The use of the simulator is preferably coordinated with the attending physician. Without fail, this should be done by people who underwent organ transplantation operations or who have any implants.

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