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Do yourself a humidifier

Do yourself a humidifier

Often, especially in smokers winteris extremely dry air. The reason is the abundance of heating appliances, which increase the temperature, but at the same time and evaporated reviver.

Of course, you can go to the store and buy a humidifier there, but you can do it yourself.

Primitive humidifier

As primitive humidifier mayserve a small bowl filled with water. Put it on a window sill, and do not forget to pour the water as it dries. Of course, this is an effective moisturizer, but its aesthetic quality leaves much to be desired. Try to make the humidifier is not only functional but also very original piece of furniture.

Beautiful humidifier with their hands

To create unusual humidifier youIt does not have to be a jack of all trades, and have experience in the creation of hand-made products. Enough to take a small basket with low bumpers or wicker vase, water container (you can use a plastic container or unnecessary bowl with a diameter smaller than the diameter of the basket), stones, shells and sand, as well as stock up on a couple of hours of free time.

From the bottom of the basket, remove twigs sticking out soto the inside could put a bowl of water, and she tilts and not tip over. Place the bowl in the basket - it can be done both in the center and on one side. The remaining space between the flanges of the basket and fill the dishes with pebbles and fill the sand so that the stones there are no gaps, the entire contents of tightly adjacent to each other and did not move.

If the bars do not close the basket adjacent to each other, put the bottom piece of plastic that sand does not spill.

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Now you have to perform the most complexpart of the work - to put stones bottom of lakes created by you. Carefully select the size of the stones, make sure that that they are as close as possible to each other. After you shut down the whole container and made sure that the details are perfect, lift each stone in turn, lubricate it with waterproof superglue, and put in its place. Step by step the paste to a bowl of all the stones.

The remaining gaps can be closed shells or sand. The main thing - to see to it that during the change of water in the process freshener loose items have disappeared.

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Give your decorative fresheners dry. At this time, it is better not to move to another not to glue the stones have not budged. Once the glue is frozen, pour into a bowl of water and put on a shelf, table or window sill, close to the plants. Do not forget to periodically add water to the makeshift pond does not dry. And if you add to it even a few drops of your favorite essential oil, your creation will not only freshen the air, but make zablagouhat entire apartment.

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