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Do you need to take out a loan? Or is it better to do?

Do you need to take out a loan? Or is it better to do?

Do you have a need for money, and they simply do not have? What to do?

Immediately suggests it's insanely popular word "credit" now.

And with it comes all the "pros" and "cons" of such an act. How to proceed?

To take or it is better to try to do on their own?

Some people are afraid of loans, and they would not dare mess with them. Others on the other hand, if the obsessed "kreditomaniey".
The first type of people - people are very careful not tooutgoing and shy. Such a person, even if they will have the opportunity to take a loan and repay it with a guarantee before the deadline, he would never agree to such a step. He is ready for years and even decades to save for an apartment or a car, only to never have contact with the loans.

But the second type - this is optimistic, open andsociable people who are not particularly "steamed" about the possible risks and problems. "I live now, and tomorrow is tomorrow, but somehow burst into tears ..." This position is very dangerous. Man risks to amass a lot of problems and turn into a chronic debtor.

Both of the above cases are extremes, and to no good, they do not lead. So how can that be in this case? When it is still possible to take a loan?

If in the last few yearsprosperity grew, even if only in small steps, you can quite afford to take the credit. In this case you highly likely to be able to extinguish it without much damage. Taking a loan, you consciously restrict themselves to spending. So to take that step, you must consciously and without regret. Otherwise, you may later regret what he had done.

But if your financial well-beingrecently, it remained unchanged, or even worse, there is hard to think: "Is it worth it?" Credit - this is not a panacea to solve money problems. It is, rather, an attempt to go to a higher rung of material prosperity. And for that you have to stand on the previous one. You must have funds on the essentials: what to eat, what to wear, what to pay for housing, and more.

Many people are concerned about credit one and thesame question: "What if I suddenly can not pay the loan for one reason or another (eg, loss of job), what to do?" What can we say here? If the country's economic and political life of the components are stable, the experience, especially not worth it. You're a responsible person and have full knowledge of what you are doing. Is that right? It will serve as a kind of guarantee that the material income necessary to repay the loan, you will find. It does not matter, you will extinguish the loan for the year as planned, or a few years. It is only important to your financial well-being was more or less at the same level or even increased.

And finally, I want to draw your attention toesoteric point of view on this issue. Watch for signs of destiny. If you go to a bank for a loan, and you have consistently refused, then it's not a very good warning. The first failure, second, third, fourth ... Stop ... stop, do not need to break into the closed door. Chances are, even if you manage to get a loan, you then waiting for a big disappointment.

I wish you success in all your credit, or better yet this wealth, which does not even thoughts will arise on loans!

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