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Whether red nails vulgar?

Whichever red shade you choose, the important thing is to have your nails manicured

Manicure red color can be considered vulgar, if used inappropriately.

Nails should be the final focus of the entire image, supplement it, and not to spoil the whole ensemble.

Shades of red and appearance

Red expresses the strong human emotions, inwhose form it is present. Nails red color may indicate a strong kind of women, independence, pride and self-confidence. But there are some rules following which, you can not worry about what you deem vulgar person.
Nails must be maintained. Cracked paint of any color on your toes with barbs will look vulgar and repel others.
Red has many shades. Pick it according to your skin type. For the type of warm shades will approach such as terracotta, red, strawberry, brick, coral. For nails 'cool' girls will look good raspberry, wine, purple, beet, ruby, cherry lacquer. Swarthy skin perfectly with maroon and dark cherry color.
Also, when choosing a shade of red, consider yourhair color. For blondes and light-brown girls suit paints red with a dash of raspberry or pink. In combination with red hair will look great blood-red nails, as well as tomatoes and red shades of nail polish. Dark hair well with any shades other than rowan.
Ideal for red-painted oval or rectangular with rounded corners long nails. Wide and short nails is not recommended to cover the same color lacquer.
Remember that the color red itselfIt is a prime focus, so do not overload the manicure of this color decorative pattern, sequins, rhinestones. Pearl reds often look vulgar.
If you want to find "their" red, adviseselect it in the stores, which have probes. Apply a thick layer on the nail strip and see how it goes with your skin and hair. Do not buy just a big bottle of the new shade for you. If the tone right for you, feel free to take a large amount.

Age and the reason for the red manicure

Red nail polish on the nails appropriate business woman oroffice workers. Focus on your nails will be the highlight of a black and white image of a rigorous, especially if you work in a creative field. Nails red nails look vulgar on schoolgirls, who are trying to replace your natural beauty of artificial.
To a place of red nail shades are on secularevents, parties, photo shoots, in the working environment of the creative team. Ludicrous red manicure will be in the form of sports, in conducting opinion polls in the street, as well as at the workplace in small businesses offices far from the creative sphere.

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