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How to do tricks on skateboards


How to do tricks on skateboards</a>

You bought a skateboard and now you want to learnNot just ride it, but also perform tricks, like? Steep? Skateboarders? In this there is nothing difficult if you will devote enough time to your favorite occupation, learn new elements and constantly sharpen your skills.

In this article, you can find instructions for performing some of the simplest jumps.



"Ollie?" - this is the main and probably the most simple trick that is performed on the board. "Ollie?" - this is when the skateboarder bounces over the ground along with the board, and it seems to others that the board is glued to his shoes.
Accelerate on the board, but not very much. The foot of the leading leg is located in the middle of the board, or slightly ahead. Push the jogged leg on the back of the board. Knees slightly bend.
Now you need to make a so-called click. It represents a sharp jab with the jogging leg on the back of the board. Immediately after you clicked, push off the ground with the board. Push off your jogging leg, leading you to pull the board, that is, with the foot of the leading leg, make a move up and down the board. It is thanks to him that the effect of "adhesion" is created.
Now start landing. In fact, there is no special technique for landing on a skateboard, you can perfect this skill only by constantly practicing. Put your feet to the skateboard bolts.


50-50 grind
Accelerate on the board pretty much. Put your feet the way they should be staged for the trick? Ollie ?. Pretty close approach to the side on which you are going to jump.
Now look at the place where you want to jump, make a move, about as for "Ollie"? And jump on the edge.
To go down, or go to the end of the face, or do? Ollie? In the place where you want to jump.


BS Pop shove it
This trick is a jump at which the board under you scrolls 180 degrees, and you remain motionless.
First of all, well master the leap? Ollie? - it is the basis of this jump. Accelerate, put the legs on the board just like for the trick? Ollie ?.
Make a click, the same as for "Ollie"?, But do not slip your foot on the board, but leave it in the middle. At the moment when the board makes a click on the ground, pull the back leg back and control the turn of the board.


Is this a leap like Ollie?, Only before the most landing you need to make a flip of the board. Put the back foot on the tail of the board, and the front leg? In the middle. The front should be slightly protruding.
Do everything the same as when you jump? Ollie?, Just slide your foot not up, but up and away. In this case, the board will turn under your feet. When you see that the board has made a full turn, then get on it and land.
And remember: safety is above all! Good luck with learning new tricks.

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