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How to reduce


How to reduce</a>

In most knits to achieve different shapes and silhouettes, you need to loosen the loops? As in crocheting, and in knitting with knitting needles.

If you are fond of knitting, youYou need to master the reduction of loops in different ways, so as not to experience difficulties in tying the armhole, raglan, neckline or cut-out. Also, the adjustments are used in beautiful openwork patterns, and they can be made both on the edge of the canvas and in the middle, depending on the model.

In this article, we describe several ways to reduce the loops from the front of the work.



To lower the hinges to the right, insert the spoke from left to right into the two face hinges and tie them together with the front viscous behind the front walls.


To loosen loops with a slope to the left, you can remove it byThe right spoke with the first loop and placing the thread at work. Then tie the next loop viscous viscous, extending it through the removed loop. This way you can reduce not only one, but two loops at once? It is not recommended to reduce more than two, so that the fabric does not shrink.


For Decrease Two loops at the same time as tilting to the right, repeat the same thing as described above, but tie three loops together.


Reduce two loops with a slope to the left you can,Placing the work thread behind the knitting and taking off the first loop, and then tying the following two knitting loops together. Loop, which you got after tying two loops, stretch through the removed loop.


In a number of patterns used in knitting, as well as in shaping the neckline, the skill will help you Decrease Two loops of double broaching. Place the thread behind the work and remove the two loops from the left to the right, and then tie the subsequent loop viscous.


Pull the stitched loop through the two loops removed. So you get a clear vertical line in place Decrease.

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