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We make strong soap bubbles


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Since childhood, soap bubbles - a symbol of positive and good mood.

It would seem a trifle, but how much joy it delivers to both adults and children. These trickles of small mother-of-pearl beads on a spring breeze - just a miracle!

Or giant bubbles that reflect this beautiful world ...

You will need

  • - glycerin 25 grams-
  • - sugar 2 teaspoons-
  • - liquid for washing dishes 2 tbsp. Spoons-
  • - water 150 grams.



Glycerin can be bought in any pharmacy at affordable prices.Price. It is poured into dishes, mixed with sugar and dish detergent. Add water and mix thoroughly until the sugar dissolves. If you want to achieve a certain smell of bubbles, then use a dishwashing liquid with this flavor.


Glycerin just does the functionBubble strengthener, sugar gives strength, dishwashing liquid - foam and fragrance, and water is needed to get the right consistency of the solution. The resulting mixture is poured into a jar from the store soap bubbles.


Such a solution is suitable for creatingBubbles-giants. Only in order to blow them, it is necessary to make a special device. It's very easy to make it. It is necessary to tie a nylon thread to two sticks (thick pieces of wire) so that when the thread is stretched, a triangle (five) is formed, which must be lowered into a wide vessel with a solution. Bubbles can be blown out or done by waving chopsticks.

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