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How to do repairs in the apartment

How to make repairs in the apartment

Anyone who gets a new home, faces the challenge of carrying out repairs.

However, not everyone knows how to properly perform the repair procedures that result gave the home side eventually.

Just settle after receiving capabilitiespurchased apartment, the tenants are trying in every way to move partitions or completely demolish and then rebuild again - it is very expensive, besides more and tedious. However, if you still plan to correct the settlers to make repairs associated with a re-planning, then you need to get acquainted with the nuances in advance of such action.

Order of redevelopment project

The apartment can not even remotely be compared withprivate housing, which can be performed with ease all sorts of cuisine movement, walls or bathrooms, and it does not affect the neighbors, as well as the entire building as a whole (when the chance will tear down the wall, which is the carrier).
It is best to contact the owner of the apartmentprofessionals, from which he will be able to get reliable and high quality design project that includes not only the construction component of the document, but also plan for laying water supply and sewage, electricity moving. In addition, professionals will be able to provide advice on home decorating and style selection.

Beforehand you should decide how many rooms and what is necessary to keep and which to merge or split.

Do not forget at the same time about the storage,without which modern accommodation. Remember to be the owner of the apartment and that the room Bathing should not be placed above the living rooms located below the apartments.
Especially need to be careful in buildings,having mixed or hardwood floors. Before carrying out repair work should check with neighbors from the bottom, not whether they were performed any substantial redevelopment in their own homes.

Far sight

Think up should redevelop their ownthe apartment is not a year, and at least five years, as if the family has a small child, then after a while you will need a desk and a play space for him.

After the moment of the project and approval is not recommended to make any changes, since it will incur additional, and usually very substantial costs.

Catching arrangement of premises inapartment, do not forget about such important factors as isolation from ambient noise. This component is required not only for the bedroom, but the child as well as the living room, which will be held noisy parties.
No need to save money on the floor, windows, doors and decorative materials, because of what will be the materials used, the quality of repairs depends.

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