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Do not make yourself an idol

Do not make yourself an idol

Many children in a certain age, there are idols, whose creativity they passionately interested.

They can imitate him in everything.

Usually this occurs in adolescence. This is due to the fact that children in this age it is very important to belong to a certain group of people.

Communication becomes the main value.

The parents can then actdifferently. Someone did not pay attention to their children's hobbies. Someone laughs and jokes. Some parents support children in their hobbies, and some violent protests. Some lines of behavior parents eventually lead to conflict, the loss of confidence on the part of children.
If the parents do not take the child's hobbiesseriously and categorically prohibit all kinds of manifestations of enthusiasm, so the behavior of the parents, as it were, and diminish the teenager did not recognize him the right to choose their own interests. Of course, nothing good can not be expected in response from a teenager. After all, in this age, the child becomes a person with his opinion on any subject, he formed worldview, his own circle of friends. And it is impossible not to respect this desire.
But to ignore the interests and pretendit does not mean anything, it is impossible. After some hobbies can actually be dangerous to himself or others. It should be carefully monitored, not transferred if innocent infatuation with something or someone in the fanaticism and mania. Otherwise, you may have to turn to specialists as to cope with such a problem will be difficult.
Parents should maintain confidencerelationship with the child genuinely interested in everything new that happens in his life. Questioned, but not intrusive, and not in the form of a demanding examination. If good relations are maintained, then adolescence with all its passions and biases will be successfully overcome without losing the family nerves and mutual love and respect.
Most often fanatical interests of the child arewith adolescence. And this is quite logical: in the forefront of self-determination and self-realization. Belonging to the group fades into the background. The main thing that is required of parents in the most difficult times - to remain calm in any situation and to support their child. Then all troubles and disagreements will, leaving only a pretext for the memories, causing a smile.

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