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Do not make yourself an idol

Do not make yourself an idol</a>

Many children at a certain age appear idols, whose creativity they are keenly interested.

They can imitate him in everything.

Usually this happens during adolescence. This is due to the fact that it is very important for children in this period to belong to a certain group of people.

Communication becomes the main value.

Parents can in this case actdifferently. Someone does not pay attention to the hobbies of their children. Someone laughs and jokes. Some parents support children in their hobbies, and some are vehemently protesting. Some lines of behavior of parents eventually lead to conflict, loss of trust on the part of children.
If parents do not perceive the hobbies of the childSeriously or categorically prohibit all manifestations of entrainment, this behavior, as it were, belittles the adolescent and does not recognize the right to choose his interests. Naturally, there is nothing positive to expect from a teenager. In fact at this age the child becomes the person with the opinion on any question, at it the outlook, own circle of dialogue is formed. And one can not but respect this desire.
But do not notice the hobbies and pretend thatIt does not mean anything, you can not. After all, some hobbies can really be dangerous for the child or others. It is necessary to carefully monitor whether an innocent hobby of something or someone in fanaticism and mania passes on. Otherwise, it may be necessary to contact specialists, since it will be difficult to deal with such a problem on your own.
Parents should keep their trustRelationship with the child, sincerely interested in all the new things that happen in his life. Ask, but not intrusively or in the form of exacting interrogation. If good relationships are maintained, then the adolescence, along with all its hobbies and distortions, will be successfully overcome by the family without losing nerves and mutual love and respect.
Most often the fanatical interests of the child passTogether with adolescence. And this is quite logical: self-determination and self-realization come to the fore. Belonging to the group fades into the background. The main thing that is required of parents in the most difficult times is to remain calm in any situation and support their child. Then any troubles and disagreements will pass, leaving only an occasion for the memories that cause a smile.

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