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DO NOT give cellulite a chance


Do not give cellulite a chance</a>

Trying with the advent of warm days light clothing,Many women notice excess pounds and concomitant cellulite on the waist and hips. Cellulitis occurs when the body displays an insufficient amount of fluid.

Together with the liquid in the body, slags are collected and cellulite develops.

But this does not mean that you need to drastically reduceThe amount of liquid consumed, since the less liquid, the less slag has the opportunity to leave the body, because the slags are excreted with the liquid.

In this case, it is necessary to force the body to remove the liquid, taking with it slag.

And you can do it by following the following rules.



Eat less salt, and replace table salt withThe sea. Include in the diet foods high in potassium (bananas, rye bread, oatmeal, baked potatoes). For dinner, eat only fast-digested proteins, such as fish and dairy products.


In the evening, use as little tannin as possible: less red wine and tea, fruits and dark berries. Products containing tannin, detain the body fluid.


During the day, drink clean water, and in the evening the amount of water used should be reduced. Do not drink during meals, you need to drink only 30 minutes before and one hour after eating, but not during meals.


Do fitness or water aerobics. Aqua aerobics is very effective in combating cellulite, and from the first lesson it gives visible results. To prevent the appearance of cellulite every morning and evening, apply to the problem areas on the massage lines moisturizing body cream. This will increase the tone of the skin, contribute to the burning of subcutaneous fat and the outflow of excess fluid.

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