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Making meringues fast and easy


This delicious dessert is very simple to make. And you need a very small amount of ingredients to get a whole vase of goodies!

Making meringues fast and easy

Most often this dessert is called meringue, but there is also the name "meringue". It was difficult for me to find a family where this delicacy would not be at all possible, but the recipes varied. The most simple before you.

In order to make a meringue for a small family, you will need: 2 eggs (more precisely, 2 proteins from them) and about half a glass of sugar or sugar powder.

How to cook meringues?

The process is extremely simple. Very carefully we separate the proteins from the yolks (yolks can be added to another batch - cake, cakes or banal pancakes), and whisk together the proteins with sugar. To start whipping of proteins is better without sugar, then gradually, in a few receptions, add sugar to the protein mass.

I want to note that everyone has his own taste,Maybe someone will like it more, if there is more sugar in the meringue, then use up to a whole glass of sugar for 2 squirrels. But it should be taken into account that the more sugar, the more rigid the meringue is. With 0.5 cups of sugar they are tender, fragile, melting in the mouth.

After the mass has greatly increased in volumeAnd can keep the shape on a spoon, place it in small slides (with a spoon or with a confectionery syringe) on a baking tray (per parchment). Set the oven in an average temperature and bake until the meringue is not light beige.

Helpful advice: Use meringue as a separate dessert or decorate them with cakes, cake.

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