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We make masks for strengthening and growth of hair


For better hair growth you need a hairProvide the follicle with food. It is desirable to use natural products. Honey gently protects the scalp, prevents damage to the hair bulb. Rich in vitamins and minerals, proteins. Yolk nourishes the skin, is enriched with vitamin B12, carotene. Contained in the yolk melatonin helps to strengthen and renew the hair follicle.
Mustard powder, cinnamon, cloves, red pepper are powerful agents that improve blood circulation.
Onion juice provides food. It has bactericidal and disinfecting properties. Strengthens the hair follicle.

We make masks for strengthening and growth of hair



Castor mask

Mix the juice of one onion with 1 egg. Supplement the composition with 20 drops of ricin oil and a few spoons of flower honey. Melt the viscous mass on a steam bath. To enrich the mask, you can drip a few drops of geranium oil or tea tree. Massaging movements soak the scalp. Turn in cellophane package, paper and woolen shawl. Hold for 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water and soak with balm for hair. Herbal mask on the basis of yolk

Stir 20 g of aloe juice with 3 spoons of nettle decoction. Add the yolk, 20 drops of ricin oil. Soak up the scalp. Close the film, wrap it with a towel. Hold for 40 minutes. Rinse with shampoo.


Indian mask

For Indian women, hair is essentialPart of beauty. Therefore, girls are taught from childhood to take good care of their hair. Stir 15 gr. Honey with 5 grams of cinnamon, ground hot red pepper, cloves and almond oil. Apply to hair roots. Wash off with baby shampoo. Apply once a week. In a few months, the result will be visible.


Mustard mask

Stir yolk with 20 g mustard powder andWith powdered sugar. Add 40 drops of burdock oil. Stir thoroughly, apply to the roots of hair. To prevent overdrying of the ends of the hair, they are lubricated with vegetable oil. Wrap hair with a film and wrap with a towel. Hold for 20 minutes. For sensitive scalp, reduce the composition of the burning components. It is recommended to conduct a course for oily and normal hair 3 times a week. For dry hair, 1 time in 2 weeks is sufficient.

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