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How to make makeup for those who wear glasses?


Makeup for women with glasses</a>

Ladies who need to wear glasses sometimes avoid make-up, believing that a woman wearing glasses does not make any make-up look tempting.

This belief is fundamentally not true.

In glasses, you can look just amazing, if you know a few small secrets.

Today, glasses are relevant and popular as never before, and even those ladies who are used to lenses and refused to score relationships, sometimes get them out of the case and put on even the most pompous events.

Those who strive to look perfect and bearGlasses, it is necessary to give special attention to the shape of the eyebrows. Points attract attention to eyebrows, so you should correct their shape in time. It is also worth taking care that under the eyes there were no dark circles, because glasses focus on them. Use a special concealer and do not neglect the foundation. To hide dark circles, the tonal tool should be applied to the area under the eyes pointwise, and gently shade, while trying not to stretch the skin, so as not to speed up the process of wrinkles.

To make your eyes look attractive, twist the cilia with special tweezers and use mascara. Especially suitable for those who wear mascara glasses that increase the volume.

When choosing eye shadows, you should take a closer look atThose shades that are most suited to the color of the frame. And do not neglect the piping, and you can use not only the classic black eyeliner, it will look great gray or brown, the main thing is that it is in harmony with the color of the eyes and the shade of the rim.

Doing makeup, do not forget about lipstick. Ladies who wear glasses with a rim of brown or black can use the classic red lipstick, or choose pink shades. If the frame of your glasses is colored, then do not use pearl lipstick or choose bright, "flashy colors", it is better to choose the calm tones and matte texture of lipstick.

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