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How to do makeup for those who wear glasses?

Makeup for women with glasses

Ladies who need to wear glasses, make-up sometimes shunned, believing that a woman wearing glasses no makeup will not allow to look tempting.

This belief is fundamentally not true.

The glasses can look just great, if you know a few little secrets.

Today glasses are relevant and popular as ever, and even those ladies who are used to the lenses and refused ratio points, sometimes to get them out of the case and put even the most grandiose event.

Those who strive for the perfect look and wearingPoints should pay special attention to the shape of the eyebrows. Points heed draw attention to the eyebrows, so be on time to correct their shape. Also it is necessary to take care that the under-eye dark circles was not, in fact glasses accentuate attention to them. Use special concealer and do not neglect creams. To hide dark circles, foundation should be applied to the area under the eyes dotted, shade and gently, being careful not to stretch the skin, so as not to accelerate the formation of wrinkles.

To my eyes look attractive, curls lashes with special tweezers and be sure to use the ink. Especially for those who wear glasses ink, increasing the volume.

When choosing eye shadow, should pay attention tothe shades that best suited to the color of the frame. And do not neglect the liner, and it is possible to use not only the classic black eyeliner, it's great to look gray or brown, as long as it is in harmony with the color of eyes and a touch of the rim.

Performing makeup, do not forget about lipstick. Ladies who wear glasses rimmed with brown or black, you can use the classic red lipstick, or select shades of pink. If the frame of your glasses color, it is not necessary to use a pearl lipstick or choose bright, "flashy colors", it is better to opt for soft colors, matte texture of lipstick.

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