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Do I have a two-year child stroller

Do I need a baby stroller

Do not do without the stroller when walking long distances, roughly equal to that of an adult takes 20 minutes.

The child is still small, he can not calculate the forces, and during this long journey can become tired.

The kid is already 2 years old. Babbles about something else, confidently climbs on a chair, walking, running ... and categorically does not want to sit in a wheelchair for a long time. But my mother is so convenient! On the wheelchair is much faster to get to your favorite playground or to the store.

Whether or not the child's stroller for two years? Someone answer that necessarily needed. Other mothers confidently say that there is. But the correct answer is - not always and not everywhere.

For children with neurological problemsdiseases of the musculoskeletal system stroller even need to walk far from the house. Especially if the baby have a tendency to nosebleeds, dizziness, or a history of diagnosis of rickets.

If a child is overly active, easilyexcitable, which houses 5 minutes in the same place can not sit still, it is best to use the wheelchair only when absolutely necessary. When walking on foot kid throw energy at home will be more calm. However, for a half-hour before bedtime with a walk legs need to be careful. Fatigue often causes trouble falling asleep.

Bulky stroller-transformer can optionally be replaced by a compact reed, and in winter enjoy the sled with a tent on the back.

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