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Do I have to wash my hair every day?


Modern young ladies do not represent, how canGo out without a laid hairstyle. Hairstyles are strengthened with various varnishes, gels, hair straightened with ironing, winding with curling irons, in general, hair is usually practiced daily.

In this situation, hair often lose its fresh appearance.

We have to wash them more often.

How much more often it depends on the type of hair.

Dry hair

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Dry hair has a pale unhealthy appearance. The tips are split, and the hair itself has a thin uneven structure. Dryness occurs for various reasons:

  • bad ecology-
  • Improper nutrition-
  • Chemical manipulations with hair - coloring, perm, build-
  • Internal diseases, impaired metabolism.

If the scalp and hair are dry, wash them no more than once every 3-4 days. Use cosmetics for the right type of hair. Do not forget about masks and balms.

Normal hair

This type of hair is easy to determine. Hair has a healthy appearance, shine, have a smooth structure. Use shampoos with markers "for normal hair" and "ph-neutral". Wash your hair as it gets dirty.

Greasy hair

Usually hair, prone to fat, have an elasticThick structure and bright shine. Very often they get dirty, the scalp itches, it worries dandruff. Such hair is recommended to wash often, every 2-3 days. But if there is a need, then every day.

Mixed type

This type of hair is common. Tips - dry and split, roots - fat. To care for the mixed type of hair use cosmetics with a special mark. Wash them as they become dirty.

Whatever your type of hair, wash your head as it gets dirty, take care of your hair correctly, and let everyone say: "What beautiful hair she has!"

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