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Do I need to wash my hair every day

Do I need to wash my hair every day

Modern girls have no idea how you cango out without the laid hair. Hairstyles strengthen various varnishes, gels, hair straighten irons, curling is wound, generally accepted to engage in daily hair.

In this scenario, the hair often lose their fresh appearance.

You have to wash them frequently.

How often - it depends on the type of hair.

Dry hair</ P>

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Dry hair are pale unhealthy appearance. The tips are cut and the hair itself has a fine uneven structure. Dryness arises for various reasons:

  • bad ecology-
  • improper food-
  • chemical manipulations with the hair - coloring, perming, naraschivanie-
  • internal diseases, impaired metabolism.

If the scalp and dry hair, wash them no more than once every 3-4 days. Use the right beauty products for hair type. Do not forget about the masks and balms.

Normal hair

This type of hair is easy to identify. The hair has a healthy look, shine, have a smooth structure. Use shampoos with markers "for normal hair" and «ph-neutral." Wash your hair at least pollution.

Greasy hair

Usually hair prone to fat content, are elasticthick structure and glitter. Very often polluted, itchy scalp, dandruff worries. Such hair is recommended to wash frequently, every 2-3 days. But if necessary, and then every day.


This type of hair is common. Tips - dry and split, the roots - fat. To care for a mixed type of hair used cosmetic products with a special mark. Wash them when they are dirty.

Whatever your hair type, wash your hair as pollution, treat hair properly, and let everyone say: "What she has beautiful hair!"

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