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Does the right of a scooter NEED?

Do we need the right to a scooter?

Scooter is a very popular means ofmovement, especially in the summer. This is due to the fact that recently for driving of the vehicle did not need to obtain a driver's license.

Now the situation is changing, and for driving scooter rights may be required in the near future.

Letter of the law

On 5 November 2013 was amended inFederal Law "On Road Traffic Safety", according to which the driving scooters, mopeds and light quads need to possess special rights "M" category. According to the logic of the layman, the law requires the driver a scooter to get new rights. However, the procedure for obtaining the rights of this category is still in the development stage. It is worth noting that in the rules of the road was not there some changes associated with driving scooters. Therefore, pursuant to paragraph 1.2 of these rules, the scooter is not a motorized vehicle. Consequently, it is possible to drive the scooter fearlessly without Skirmish rights. The situation will change only if the new traffic rules, according to which the scooter drivers will be declared will be obliged to carry with them the right to "M" category.

While around the rights of the category "M" there was an ambiguous situation, already approved by the amount of the fine for scooter driving without a license - 800 rubles.

Existing nuances

At this point, the driver was a scootersure that it does not require a driver's license, he must ensure that his engine does not exceed a volume of 50 cm ?, and its maximum speed not exceeding 50 km / h. Otherwise, the scooter can be equated to a motorcycle, driving is still necessary rights. If everything is in order, for a comfortable and fearless driving scooter driver enough to have a passport of the vehicle. This will be useful in the event that it stops the traffic police inspector and asked to produce the right.

Among the drivers of many craftsmen whorework scooter engines upward volume. These alterations negatively affect both the resource of the engine and gearbox wear.

Reasons for entering a new category of rights

The main reason for such actions by the authorities - completelack of knowledge of traffic regulations in the majority of the drivers of scooters, which is why the number of fatal accidents involving this type of vehicles is steadily increasing. Secondly, on the vehicle data drivers are not covered most of the points of traffic rules, which is why the emergence of dangerous situations caused by drivers of scooters is becoming commonplace. Third, insurance companies refuse to insure these vehicles, so if the driver of the scooter touched the car, repairs will be made at the expense of personal funds, while the driver of the scooter has a legal right to go on all four sides.

Sanctions against drivers of scooters

State Duma deputies have repeatedly raisedto discuss the issue of a moratorium on the entry of scooters driving in the Russian Federation to legislative approval procedures for obtaining a driver's license "M" category, however, the question hangs in the air since the beginning of 2013. As the situation will be the situation with the right to drive a scooter in 2014, it is not yet clear.

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