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Do I need to hire employees in the company - the "stars"? Benefits and dangers

Star - the best employee of the company.

When the manager opens a new business orexpanding an existing company, he is tempted to hire or entice a competitor "star" - professional staff, outstanding high results.

In this article I tell how effective this strategy.

Hiring the right staff - quite a complex topic, if the head does not pass specialized training and does not own the necessary tools to "separate the grains from the chaff."

There are two basic strategies:

1) Selection and training of young professionalsnecessary personnel within the company through training, coaching, corporate coaching, well-functioning system of motivation. Cultivation of professionals in their own "source of manpower".

2) Hiring of experienced professionals from the formation of the team staff.

The choice of strategy depends on many factors, such as business or the urgency of the task.

If the manager chooses the second strategy, his team may be fellow - "star" to whom, and made basic rate.

Who are the stars"?

"Stars" - a responsible and professionalworkers involved in the core business - processes. This talented and successful employees with experience accumulated customer base, personal relationships, extensive experience and knowledge in a particular field of business, who know his worth. "Star" can be an employee, owns a unique technology or specialized knowledge.

Head sure that the officer will be able to fix their labor situation in his business and is willing to "bend" under the "star."

In what it is expressed?

"Star" in the company behaves according to the principle: "It is necessary to Jupiter is not allowed a bull." She was forgiven disciplinary violations, are the individual working conditions, paid higher premiums and interest. The employer is doing everything to keep the employee at home.

"Stars" of employment benefits:

The arrival of such an employee in a company, usually brings quick and tangible benefits:

- Increase the number of sales,

- An increase in the average ticket,

- Attracting customers' personal business' stars'

- The generation of creative ideas,

- The introduction of new services,

- The use of employee relations for the benefit of business development.

For example: agent - "star" may bring huge profits solely from their own personal customers can bring leadership to the developer, which has long worked, and procure for the Company the exclusive right of sale.

Kosmetolog- "star" of a result its customer base and introduce new technologies, thanks to which the company will be able to expand the range of products and services.

Yurist- "star" can be a unique specialist in a narrow niche, for example, in bankruptcy, that will help the company to reach large customers, and significantly increase the cost of services.

So, hire "star" profitable? On the one hand, yes. Such an employee can do to improve the company's business. But this is only a temporary effect.

What dangers exist when hiring a "star"?

1. The policy of double standards has never countersigned team. Other workers, as a rule, begin to be jealous and envious "star", seeing what conditions are created for her head. Immediately clear against whom they are friends. All this is extremely negative impact on workflow.

2. "Stars" is extremely disloyal to the company and the head. They follow only their own interests and are working on this as long as it suits them. The few exceptions only prove the rule.

3. "Stars" undermine the authority of the head, sabotaging his orders, challenging his opinion, etc. Managers need to be a professional-class and a pronounced charismatic leader to gain the respect of the "stars".

4. "Stars" can be antiliderami and lead the opposition, if the head will make a management mistake.

5. The manager must ensure that "star" career, because soon it will be close to the proposed framework.

6. That the "stars" are leaving the company, taking its achievements and its customer base, and organize their own business. They make the most powerful competitors.


Of course, companies need the "stars", becausethey - Key employees - give 80% of the results. But whether to invite them to the party or its employees to grow, turning into "stars" - it's up to you!

Elena Trigub.

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