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Do I need to give my grandmother iPhone

Do I need to give my grandmother iPhone

Production of Apple's very popular, and according to surveys among the population, iPhone mobile phone is one of the most coveted gifts.

Deciding to make a present such a significant person, a grandmother, it is likely that your choice will fall exactly on this device.

But will such a useful gift an elderly person?

What can be seen with glasses

Many of the elderly vision deteriorates, and it isIt can be very difficult on the "Apple" to use the phone. On iPhones conveniently watch movies and read books, chat, SMS messaging, and navigate around the map, but what is the use of these functions, if your grandmother simply will not be able to use them. Notice the fifth model of the phone, the screen of which is greater than that of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. The advantage in favor of Apple's mobile phone will be the fact that the images on the screen are clearly visible even on a sunny day.

Perhaps, with the purchase it makes sense to wait. In 2015 it planned iPhone6 ​​output with a diagonal of 5.5 inches screen.

Fine Motor Skills

Fingers grandmother accustomed to work in the land, hasfar from being a nimble fingers young people. It can be hard to press a button on the touch screen, and in conjunction with low vision writing posts or adding a number to the phonebook becomes almost impossible task. If you notice that your grandmother suffers pain in the hands, it is difficult to deal with cases that require precise movements: for example, it has ceased to embroider, but once it was her favorite pastime, with iPhones it will be difficult to handle. For such an elderly person will be more comfortable ordinary touch-tone telephone. If Grandma easily thread a needle, the sensory apparatus to cope with it will also be easy.

Please note that the iPhone is no speed dial - a feature that often rescued the elderly, which are poorly versed in the operation of their mobile phones.

High tech

IPhone has a lot of useful features. On the phone, you can install programs and games that can make life easier and entertain the owner of the device. However, before deciding on a purchase, consider whether your grandmother would be able to do it. Do her computer, where she will be able to install iTunes - a program that facilitates the work of the unit and installation applications. Does aged woman be able to register in iTunes store? And finally, it really would be to use a smart alarm clock and electronic lunar calendar to synchronize the cottages with the course of the heavenly body. If your grandmother is keenly interested in the new technology, it surely owns a computer and would not mind to learn a new gadget, give her iphone.

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