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Do I need to feed during flowering strawberries

Do I need to feed during flowering strawberries

If you want to get rich harvest of strawberries, you must provide the plants with proper care.

Many gardeners believe that the strawberry bushes during flowering is better not to bother, but it is not.

Remember, fertilizing these plants during flowering positive impact not only on the amount of berries in the future, but also their quality.

Foliar fertilization during flowering strawberries

When feeding strawberries do not need during the floweringforget about it foliar nutrition. three times during the growing season is necessary to carry out this procedure. The first - as soon as the first leaves, the second - with the advent of stems, the third - in the ovary growth.

When choosing a foliar application, selectdrugs, which include about two grams of potassium sulfate and boric acid one gram per liter. When processing of strawberries, pay special attention to the underside of the leaves of plants (the fact that it is the underside of the leaves absorbs most of the nutrients).

Root fertilizing flowering strawberry

It is worth remembering that during the active floweringstrawberries in large numbers potassium is needed, so if you want to get a good harvest, be sure to Feed the plant extract of poultry manure, wood ash solution mullein or potassium nitrate.

Recently, as many gardenersroot feeding yeast used: kg compressed yeast diluted in five liters of water, digested with warm place for several hours, then poured over a mixture of cooked strawberries per pint per plant. Also for the preparation of such a dressing can be used dry yeast, but a mixture of the technology of preparation is somewhat different. We need a package of yeast to dissolve in a glass of warm water, add a tablespoon of sugar, let stand for a couple of hours, then pour into the prepared mass of five-liter bucket of water, stir, and you can begin feeding.

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