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Do I need to be primed before painting the ceiling

Do I need to be primed before painting the ceiling

Quite often, in various forums on the Internet people are interested in the question whether to ceiling primer is required before you apply paint on it?

Definitely quite difficult to answer.

Beginning to deal with the issue, it requiredapply a layer of primer on the ceiling before painting, you must first determine what are the advantages of the process of applying a primer material. There are recommendations that help to understand this.
Priming helps to improve adhesion of differentmaterials - plaster finish or finishing putty, paint, glue of wallpaper or tile. A layer of primer material fills small cracks and pores in the base material, which is used for finishing. Moreover, primer prevents moisture to penetrate into the base surface.

Advantages of pre-priming

It is worth noting that for some materials itit is important, especially when the task for the subsequent application of adhesive mixtures, as most of them should, according to the technology, have a certain humidity for a while.

You should know that several layers of primer will not be able to make a smooth surface, it is designed for a different purpose.

But even layer of paint material, whetherwith water-based or oil composition, primer guarantees. The use of a primer also provides uniform drying of the paint, because it does not lose with moisture. Thanks to this surface acquires a "glossy" look.
Where the ceiling is not a baseplasterboard or plastic, that is not made of materials that differ perfect flatness, priming the ceiling, prior painting, it is absolutely essential!

What is included in the concept of primer

For the primer works should be carried out some preliminary operations.

Primer begins with the removal of old wallpaper, or chalk, or the cleaning of the surface of the old paint.
After that you need to make a sweep of the base, close up large cracks, chips, cavities and other defects present on the surface that will be painted.
Then conducted a preliminary primer, which is performed after rough plaster, putty final, thorough sanding and smoothing the surface.
That this is the entire spectrum of work-relatedpriming process. Still, if you want to prime the ceiling? One can clearly say that it is better to resort to this procedure in order to avoid future trouble.
Although the choice of making each independently.

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