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Do I need air ionizer in the apartment

An integrated device, ionizing and humidifying the air

Household appliances, which in apartments and houses every year becomes more and more in large numbers emits positively charged ions, adversely affecting health.

To deal with this side of technological progress makes the phenomenon of the ionizer.

Unfortunately, modern life, working routine,City vanity often does not allow to get out into nature, where you can enjoy clean air, natural flavors, pine forest, the sea or the scents of lakes and rivers. In large cities, air pollution - it is a real disaster, which is why air ionizers can be a great solution for many people.

Ionizers are bipolar, released into the air as a negative and positively charged particles in the "healthy" aspect ratio 3: 2, and the unipolar, emitting only negative ions.

Who needs Ionizer

air ionizer can be useful for children, peopleelderly, debilitated and sickly people, as well as to all those who suffer from diseases of the respiratory system. During acute influenza and other viral infections, air ionizers are more than ever.
Before purchasing air ionizer forhome, pay attention to the technical data sheet of the device, as an ionizer should be safe. Datasheet can be defined as a guarantee, it is not necessary to pay attention to devices without it, as well as having a doubtful look.
It is important to evaluate the capacity of the device, becausehere it does not work the principle of "more powerful - is better." The beneficial effect can have only a moderate air ionization. The use of ionizer is obvious, it kills harmful microbes and viruses, it neutralizes the positively charged ions and purifies the air from dust and impurities. With this device the air in the room is always clean and conducive to health.

Size matters

If you spend a lot of time forcomputer or near a TV, the perfect solution may be the acquisition of a compact, local ionizer, which can be positioned close to himself. When you lead an active lifestyle or a place where there will be Ionizer, a very large, it is best to purchase more powerful models.
Many models of ionizers can have a number ofAdditional features that make the atmosphere in your home harmonious and supportive. Additional features include air cleaning, flavoring, as well as illumination.
With ionizer, air can completelycleaned of dust, which has negative charges. Wherein the dust settles on the floor, furniture, walls. When using air ionizer will need to clean dust frequently with a wet cleaning, in order to reduce the risk of dust inhalation.

If the apartment is low humidity, the ionizer must be paired with a humidifier, otherwise it may harm the electrification enhanced.

Ionizers have contraindications and may evento harm. For example, you can not use this device to people who are suffering from cancer, ionizer can promote proliferation of the tumor. Therefore, consult with your doctor beforehand.

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