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whether the passport is needed to travel to Russia from Ukraine

Entry and exit to the territory of the Russian FederationUkrainian citizens are governed by the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of Ukraine on visa-free trips of citizens of both countries of January 16, 1997 (as amended from 30.10.2004g. and 20.02.2007g.).

Despite the events in Ukraine related to the coup, the Agreement between the governments of Russia and Ukraine remains unchanged.

What documents are required at the border

For entry into the Russian citizen of Ukrainea passport is not necessary. It is enough to show at the border of Ukrainian passport or other identity document. In this case, the checkpoint need to fill in a migration card, which necessarily need to save before leaving Russia.
To avoid problems with the Russian Border Service, the passport must comply with the following requirements:
- Passport should be no significant povrezhdeniy-
- Should be pasted in the new photos 20 and 45 years-
- It is desirable that the surname, name and patronymic were printed, not handwritten.
If civil passport does not meet at least one of the requirements, it is best to bring your passport. If there is none, you can use a different identity card and citizenship.
The list of documents required for travel toRussia from Ukraine, is specified in the list of documents, which is annexed to the Agreement between the Governments of the above. It should be noted that the list of documents was reduced in 2007. The list of additional documents proving the identity, include:
- Diplomatic pasport-
- Service pasport-
- Identification moryaka-
- Certificate of aircraft crew members.

From the list of documents for entry, exit andmovement in the territory of the Russian Federation citizens of Ukraine eliminated all the passports of the former USSR, the officer identity card, the general (admiral) and the ensign (warrant officer), as well as the military card.

What documents are needed for traveling with kids

For a trip to Russia from Ukraine with children under 16 years of age need to bring their birth certificate.

If the child is traveling without their parents (with one parent), with a need to have the permission of the parent (s), certified by a notary.
When traveling to Russia by train, crossing the borders of Belarus, the child will need a travel document.

Do I need a temporary registration in Russia

In Russia, the citizens of Ukraine shall be exempt from the provisional registration, if the stay in its territory does not exceed 90 days. Next visit to Russia will be possible 180 days.
If a three-month stay without a temporary registration is exceeded, it will entail a ban on entry into the Russian Federation within 3 years from the date of departure from Russia.

In Russia and leaving the country neededmigration cards. Issued on entering all, regardless of age. You must check the stamp with the date and place of entry into the Russian Federation. You can not lose the card.

For accommodation in Russia, citizens of Ukraine more than 90 days is necessary to issue a temporary registration of the foreigner.

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