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Is it necessary to take revenge and how?


Do I have to take revenge and how?</a>

Not all people agree with the biblical thesis about the need to forgive offenders.

Many believe that only revenge can compensate for the experiences that they experienced.

What to choose if you are offended - revenge or forgiveness?

Is revenge really necessary?

In fact, revenge is an attemptHold a "second round", while it is obvious to everyone that the first battle has already been lost. In most cases, revenge is an inadequate response to a defeat involving insulted pride or conceit. Of course, there are cases that can not be forgiven, but their number is not that great.
The main problem with revenge,Is that, in deciding to take revenge, you experience a lot of negative emotions: anger, resentment, irritation. In this case, your abuser is either already experiencing because of his actions, or already has time to forget about it. In any case, your expenses of strength, nerves and energy are likely to be many times greater than those negative emotions that your revenge will provoke in the offender.
Finally, revenge from an objective point of viewLooks pretty silly: imagine a football player who, after finishing a losing match, aims to score a goal. In fact, the desire for revenge makes you live the past, not the future, because you can not forget the offense you once suffered, and are forced to experience it again and again. Perhaps, it will be much better to accept the fact that the past can not be changed, which means that it is necessary to be guided by the future.

An example of an ideal revenge, many consider the story of the Count of Monte Cristo, which, however, describes a person who has spent most of his life on revenge.

Rational approach to retribution

If your desire to take revenge winsRational approach, at least, you need to act thoughtfully. It is no accident that there is a popular expression that "revenge is a dish that is served cold." The point is that an attempted retaliation committed solely "on emotions" is likely to fail, and you will find yourself in an offensive and ridiculous position. Therefore, in the first place, you need to calm down and wait, trying to reduce the degree of emotion to a minimum.
Clearly define your task: Do you want your debtor to experience the same experiences or disproportionately large ones? Do you intend to enjoy the feeling of victory once, or are you going to poison your opponent with the longest life span? What are you willing to sacrifice, and what will make you abandon plans for revenge? Be sure to answer all these questions so that your revenge was a meaningful and effective action.

The thirst for an indispensable victory is a sign of self-doubt. Really great people do not need constant proof of their strength.

You will need time to prepare and collectInformation. Find out the weak points of your abuser, his habits, values, principles. Often happens that things that are priceless for one person do not have the slightest sense for another, so do not mindlessly reproduce what offended you. In addition, do not forget about the criminal code when you plan ways to revenge. To go to jail for the sake of enjoying revenge is a very impractical decision. Finally, you should not do anything irreparable, take revenge on close people, build Napoleonic plans to take revenge on a person who accidentally stepped on your foot. Be as pragmatic as possible, and perhaps you will come to the conclusion that from a rational point of view, revenge is not the best option.

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