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The appearance in the baby's family need to get the things that definitely need in the first days.

Essential items to the selection you want to go very carefully, is buggy.

On the choice of pram

Most moms, choosing a stroller into accountmultiple criteria. First we need to decide what kind of model you want to buy: stroller-bassinet, convertible two-in-one pram or connecting a bassinet, car seat and seat unit. You must then determine the desired material and colors strollers. An important, and perhaps even the main, criterion for selection is the system of pram wheels.

Be sure to keep in mind the fact that the width betweenthe rear wheels have different models of strollers may vary. So before you buy, measure the width of the doors in the elevator to the carriage was placed in it.

Rotary wheel buggy

The wheels must be large enough andbe 25-30 cm in diameter. This is due to the fact that larger wheels have better patency. It does not always have to roll the stroller on a clean, flat pavement. It is necessary to take into account the bumps in the road, deep sand or loose snow, to overcome that in a wheelchair with small wheels is hard enough.
Modern models are equipped with wheelchair wheels withtwist mechanism. It can be installed only on the front-wheel drive or directly to two axes. Often, such wheelchairs wheels can be locked so that they are fixed and function as in the classic version. Swivel mechanism significantly increases the maneuverability of a carriage and management. On a flat road she travels so easily that it can roll with one hand. Weight stroller while it does not feel or felt. While in the case of locking the wheel in order to turn the stroller that is necessary to lift it completely, shifting weight to the rear wheels.

Swivel wheels allow for long walks with the child, not delivering a fragile woman problems associated with weight stroller, especially when committed by walking on the sidewalk.

The downside of the rotary mechanism is thatThese wheels are bad enough going through deep snow or mud, as they "hang out" in different directions. However, this problem is easily solved by fixing the wheel before more suitable weather conditions.
Prams with swivel wheels arethree-wheeled and four-wheel. Three-wheeled strollers are less stable, but easier to maneuver at corners. Four-wheel - is a classic stroller, differ stability and good maneuverability.
However, the choice stroller - a matter of taste. Someone prefers quite stylish modern and well-equipped trehkolesku, but someone more to their liking once again entered the fashion retro carriage on four wheels.

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