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Do I have to safely remove the USB drive

Do I have to safely remove the USB drive

Many of the features of operating systems do not seemabsolutely necessary, but, nevertheless, it suggests that they were made "just" to be silly. "Safely Remove Hardware" - what it represents and whether this feature is sure to enjoy it?

Safely Remove Hardware. Principle of operation

Safely Remove Hardware - the namecomponent of the Windows operating system, which is used to prepare the device for removal. Presented this component file hotplug.dll, and find it in the task can not panel.
Before answering the question about whether you need to use this function, you need to understand the principle of its action ...
Any copied files in Windows firstare stored in the so-called "cache" (rapid, short-time memory), then they are completely copied to the media or the hard disk. The process of writing files in the cache is called a preliminary copy. The fact that this copying an ordinary user has no idea.
In the process of copying files to the usb-mediathere is exactly the same - the files will first be transferred to the memory of the computer, and then on the stick itself. Sometimes supposedly copied files on a flash drive may have an appropriate amount of the original file name and format, but if you pull the stick, do not use the "safely remove" appears small probability of data corruption - in the future attempt to open a file is copied to the USB drive will be unsuccessful.

An interesting feature observed in the differencemode of action "safe removal" in Windows XP and Vista: in the first version of the activation function turns off the power stick, and the activation function in Vista - not.

Do I need to safely remove a USB flash drive? Possible problems

Modern technologies to protect local data fromlesions develop, so the real need to use the Safely Remove Hardware feature does not arise, but, nevertheless, it remains an essential feature of any of the operating system produced by Microsoft.

Interesting fact: fear about the use of this feature iPod users was showed for the first time when speculation began to appear that the use of this feature on Windows Vista leads to damage of iPod data.

The need to use the function becomeseven lower, given that the computer is disabled "caching" - when the files are not copied to the cache, but directly to removable media, then retrieve them safely makes no sense.
A frequent cause of unsuccessful activation function"Safe removal" is the fact that one of the files on the removable media is still used by the local machine (even open a Word document can poprepyatstvovat "safe removal"). This "bug", if it can be called such, has led to the emergence of many types of applications, "Extract one-click" (1 Click Safely Remove Device), which are used to automatically close all files and save them, and only then activate the safe removal feature.

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