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Is it necessary to safely remove the USB flash drive


Is it necessary to safely remove the USB flash drive</a>

Many functions of operating systems do not seem toQuite necessary, but, nevertheless, to assume that they were created "just like that" will be silly. "Safely removing the device" - what is this function and is it obligatory to use it?

Safely remove the device. Principle of operation

Safely remove the device - nameComponent in the Windows operating system, which serves to prepare the device for retrieval. This component is represented by the file hotplug.dll, and it can not be found in the Taskbar.
Before answering the question of whether you need to use this function, you need to understand the principle of its operation ...
Any copied files in the Windows OS firstAre stored in the so-called "cache" (real-time, short-term memory), and then they are completely copied to the medium or hard disk. The process of writing files to the cache is called pre-copying. The matter is that the ordinary user has no idea about this copying.
While copying files to usb-carrierThe exact same thing happens - the files are first transferred to the computer's memory, and then to the flash drive itself. Sometimes, the allegedly copied files on the USB flash drive can have the same size, name and format as the original file, but if you pull out the USB flash drive without using the "safe extraction" function, there is little chance of data corruption - in the future, the attempt to open the copied file from the USB flash drive will fail.

An interesting feature is observed in the differenceThe way to "safe extraction" in Windows XP and Vista: in the first version, when the function is activated, the power of the USB flash drive is turned off, and when the function is activated in Vista, it does not.

Do I need to safely remove the USB flash drive? Possible problems

Modern technologies for protecting local data fromThe damage develops, so there is no real need to use the safe removal function of the device, but, nevertheless, it remains an integral feature of any of Microsoft's OS.

Interesting fact: The fear of using this feature of iPod users was manifested for the first time when speculation began that the use of this feature on Windows Vista results in damage to the iPod data.

The necessity of using the function becomesEven lower, given that the "caching" feature is disabled on the computer - when the files are not copied to the cache, but directly to the removable media, then it is not safe to extract them safely.
Frequent reason for unsuccessful activation of the function"Safe extraction" is the fact that one of the files on the removable media is still used by the local machine (even an open document in Word can prevent "safe extraction"). This "bug", if it can be called that, has led to the appearance of many applications such as "Click in one click" (1 Click Safely Remove Device), which automatically close all used files and save them, and only then activate the safe extraction function.

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