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Is it necessary to fight laziness?


Do I have to fight laziness?</a>

The very formulation of the question: "Is it necessary to struggle with laziness?" May cause confusion. It would seem that the answer is obvious.

Of course, it is necessary! After all, laziness is a bad, unworthy quality.

Since ancient times, folk wisdom has read: "Laziness is the mother of all vices!" However, not everything is so simple and obvious.

Is it too lazy?

To begin with, you need to understand the question: But what should be considered laziness? For example, a person does not want to get up early in the morning and go to work. And then, after all, having arrived at the workplace, fulfills his duties through his sleeves, far from full force. It would seem that there is no doubt - lazy! But after all, the characteristics of the body, biorhythms in all people are strictly individual. And if this person refers to "owls", it is really very difficult for him to get up early and enter the working rhythm. The peak of his efficiency comes in the second half of the day.

In this case, to reproach a person for laziness, to demand that he fight with her, is unfair and meaningless.

It is better to try to agree with the leadership on changing the schedule. And if it's impossible, think about finding another place, with a freer schedule.
If the person is biorhythm - "lark", butAlso stubbornly does not want to get up early in the morning, this is not always indicative of laziness. Perhaps, such "laziness" is an indicator of fatigue, overstrain or a symptom of a beginning illness. And if you fight with her, instead of having a rest or going to a doctor, you can hurt your health.
Finally, a stubborn refusal to get up in the early hoursMaybe because of the fact that a person simply does not like his work! He experiences severe psychological discomfort, doing unloved work.

Then, instead of trying to overcome laziness with willpower, it is better to ask the question: "Should not the work be changed?"

Examples of "useful laziness"

Many people live at home cats, which by rightAre considered very lazy animals. On average, the cat sleeps about 18 hours a day! Nevertheless, she keeps vivacity and the maximum concentration of movements, is ready at any moment to make a rapid throw.
If such an example seems unconvincing(They say, the cat is still an animal, but we are talking about people), you can refer to the position of the great inventor-self-taught Thomas Edison. Once, when he had already become rich and famous, his firm was visited by an employee optimization specialist. After seeing how they work, he advised Edison to immediately fire one young man. Say, this lazy boldly slumbers in the workplace, and even putting his feet on the table! To which Edison replied with a smile: "This guy recently came up with one innovation that brought me a lot of money. As far as I remember, then he was in the same position. "

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