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Do I have to struggle with laziness

Do I have to struggle with laziness

The mere posing of the question: "Do I have to struggle with laziness" can cause confusion. It would seem that the answer is obvious.

Of course, you! After all, laziness - it is bad, unworthy of quality.

Ever since the ancient proverb says: "Laziness - the mother of all evils" However, not all so simple and obvious.

And whether it's lazy?

To begin to understand the issue: and what should be considered laziness? For example, people do not want to get up early in the morning and go to work. And then, still arriving at the workplace, performing their duties carelessly, not at full strength. It would seem that there is no doubt - bummer! But the characteristics of the organism, the biorhythms of all people are strictly individual. And if this person belongs to the "owls", it is really very difficult to get up early and enter into a working rhythm. The peak of his performance comes in the afternoon.

In this case, blame the man in laziness, to demand that he struggled with it, it is unfair and pointless.

It is better to try to negotiate with the management of change in the work schedule. And if it is impossible to think about finding another place with a free schedule.
If the person on the biorhythm - "early bird", buttoo, does not want to get up early in the morning, it is not always indicative of laziness. Perhaps this "lazy" - an indicator of fatigue, over-voltage, or a symptom of incipient disease. And if you fight with her, instead, to relax or to see a doctor, you can harm your health.
Finally, the stubborn refusal to get up in the early hoursIt may be due to the fact that the man simply did not like his work! He feels a strong psychological discomfort, engaged unloved thing.

Then, instead of willpower perebaryvat laziness, it is better to ask the question: "Do not change jobs?"

Examples of "useful laziness"

Many people live at home cat, who rightlyconsidered very lazy animals. The average cat sleeps about 18 hours a day! However, it retains the alertness and concentration limit movements, ready at any time to make a rush.
If, however, an example seem unconvincing(Say, the cat is still an animal, and we are talking about people), it is possible to refer to the position of the great inventor Thomas Edison's self-taught. One day, when he became rich and famous, his company has visited a specialist in optimizing the working staff. After seeing how they work, he advised Edison immediately dismiss a young man. Allegedly, this unashamedly lazy dozing on the job, and even his feet on the table! What Edison replied with a smile: "This guy has recently come up with one innovation that has brought me a lot of money. As far as I remember, when he was in the same position. "

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