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Do I have a cat neutered

Do I have a cat neutered

Bringing a kitten in the house, few people think that after a certain period of time he starts puberty. It will wake up sexual instinct, inherent nature.

If the continuation of the cat kind not included in the plans, it is worth thinking about, but is not it better to neuter a pet.

Age cats for castration

how to find out the age of the cat
At the age of 7-8 months, the reproductive organscats are fully formed and ready to perform its function. From about the age of this particular behavior occurs in animals, characterized by marking territory with a specific smell, trying to escape from the house in search of cat aggression. It is important to differentiate the labeling of the territory of a bad upbringing pet. If he always shits in the wrong places, it is most likely a question of education. Neutering will not solve the problem immediately. Therefore accustom the animal to the tray to be a child and seriously.
how do you know when there will be kittens
Castrate cats desirable untilthe above signs of puberty, when they have not had a single mating. In this case, the loss of sexual organs psychologically easier tolerated. Clinically neutering kittens available since 6 weeks. The problem may lie only in the possibility of transferring drugs anesthesia and their correct dosage.
What is the best age to neuter a cat
Neutered cats can be in a more matureage. Prior to this, should bring their animal to a veterinary clinic to find out the possibility of the procedure. If the state of health does not contradict this, the cat castrated. However, it should be borne in mind that in this case there is the likelihood that the symptoms persist estrus.
preparation for the cat castration

Pros and cons of neutering cats

Should I castrate village cat
On the positive side neutering cats canattributed calm animal. After surgery, he lost interest in the individuals of the opposite sex, it becomes a peaceful, gentle, fading aggression to other cats. Castrated cat ceases to mark territory and to issue heartbreaking cries. It increases life expectancy. In addition, the pet is protected from certain pathologies and diseases of the genitourinary system.
Of the minuses neutering of cats can be identifiedtendency to obesity and the risk of using drugs anesthesia. The first point is associated with a decrease in the motor activity of the animal, as he becomes more calm, not escapes from the house, avoid fights with other individuals. To prevent weight gain, should be monitored diet pet.
The second point is entirely dependent on the level ofcat health and professionalism of the operating his specialist. The optimal age for castration is 8 months of age, when the body is not exposed to various diseases. To eliminate the problem concerning the impact of anesthesia should be treated in specialized clinics with experienced physicians.

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