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MANDATORY if the door to the kitchen

Mandatory if the door to the kitchen

Despite the popularity of kitchen styles,in which the door structure is replaced by an arched entrance, we should not forget about the rules of safe operation of the premises, in which there is gas equipment.

In principle, whether to keep in stock the kitchen dooror completely get rid of it, to solve the homeowner. Everything in this matter depends on his preferences. Quite a lot of wishing there who like to arrange an arched entrance, which has become very popular at the present time. Especially such design well look at the entrance to the room is really small.

In the kitchen, there is no door aesthetics

In the absence of a door or partition structure can be qualitatively equip additional space. But do not forget about the unpleasant smell of cooking, audible in certain areas.

Even high-quality range hood is not always able to help complete elimination of odors, especially if something is undercooked.

Most irritating not only the smell of burning coming from the kitchen into the living room. Sounds are also able to interfere with all the other members of the family to watch a movie, enjoy a photo or read a book.
We should not lose sight of the fact that sometimes in families, after a hearty dinner dishes are not removed from the table immediately, and, if the room has no doors, the mess on the table will be an eyesore.

The door is a must

Equipping kitchen area can not be overlookedthat in such a room air humidity is considerably higher than in the living room. When cooking, always stands out steam and fumes, hoods remove them only partially. Because of this, those who ask whether it is possible to update this area, remove the door, experts say: you can not!

If among the tenants of the apartment does not acceptDistribution for the accommodation of kitchen odors, then it is better to install in addition to the qualitative model exhaust design is also quite tight kitchen door.

To install at the entrance to this room perfect modern plastic, laminated, glass or steel doors.

By purchasing any model, the owner of the apartment is usually guided only by their own preferences.
Designers recommend to get the door,in harmony with the overall style, at the same time the input design is to select one that would fit under the kitchen area and its layout. A sealed here becomes especially important - smell should not apply, because this model accordion book, or do not fit, they do not provide security.

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