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DOES the door to the kitchen


Do I need a door to the kitchen?</a>

Despite the popularity of the style of decorating the kitchen,In which the door structure is replaced by an arched entrance, do not forget the rules for the safe operation of a room in which gas equipment is available.

In principle, do I have to leave a kitchen doorOr completely get rid of it, it's up to the landlord. Everything in this matter depends on his preferences. There are a lot of interested persons who like to arrange an arched entrance, which has become very popular at the present time. Especially these designs look good when entering the room, which is really small.

In the kitchen without a door there is no aesthetics

In the absence of a door structure or partitions, an additional area can be built up qualitatively. However, do not forget about the unpleasant kitchen odor heard in other rooms.

Even a high-quality hood can not always help to completely remove odors, especially if something burns out.

It often irritates not only the smells of burning burning from the kitchen to the living room. Sounds are also able to prevent all other members of the family from watching the movie, admiring the photo or reading a book.
One should not overlook the fact that sometimes in families after a hearty supper, the meals are not removed from the table at once, and if there is no door in this room, a mess on the table will make your eyes look awkward.

The door is just necessary

Equipping the kitchen area should not be overlookedThat in such a room the humidity of the air is much higher than in the living rooms. When cooking, steam and fumes are always released, the extracts remove them only partially. Because of this, those who ask whether it is possible to update this zone, removing the doors from it, experts answer: it is impossible!

If the tenants do not accept the apartmentSpreading kitchen scents over living quarters, then it is better to install, in addition to the high-quality model of the exhaust design, also enough tight-fitting kitchen doors.

For installation at the entrance to this room, modern plastic, laminated, glass or steel doors are perfect.

Buying a model, the owner of the apartment is usually guided only by their own preferences.
Designers recommend buying doors,Harmonizing with the general style, at the same time the input structure should be chosen such that would fit the kitchen area and its layout. Hermetic closure here becomes especially important - odors should not spread, because of this model the accordion or book does not fit, they do not provide security.

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