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How to make hairstyles for long hair with a bangs


How to make hairstyles for long hair with a bangs </a>

For long hair with a bang, you can choose a variety of hair styles. Depending on the destination and weather conditions on the street, you can gracefully decorate loose hair or braid them.

The finishing touch is a beautifully laid bangs.

The presence of long hair opens wide opportunities before choosing a daily hairstyle. In turn, bangs can become the main accent and set the tone for the whole image.
If you have a smooth, thick bangs, then you willThe easiest, but always remaining in fashion option - hair straightening. Perfectly smooth shiny hair and bangs look attractive without additional ornaments, besides, during the day in dry weather they retain their original appearance.
For haircuts with a multi-layered jagged bang, a volumetric hairstyle with light waves will be beneficial. Strands can be wound in various ways: on hair curlers, with a curling iron or ironing.
Bang in the form of an arc, oblique or elongated bangsPerfectly complement the wicker hairstyles. The easiest option - to tie a ballet bump, or bun, as it is called. To do this, tie a tail in the center of the nape with a large rubber band in the tone of the hair, then wrap the bottom of the shingle with it. Fix it with studs and decorate with a bright ribbon with a bow. Fix the bun with a hair dryer directly or on the side. You can also make a ponytail hairstyle by wrapping the base of a high tail with straight hair from straightened hair.
There are many varieties of hairstyles with braids that you can make yourself.
1. Divide the hair parting in the center of the head. Bite two braids in the outline area. Leave a small tail, fastening it with a thin rubber band in the tone of the hair. Fix each braid arbitrarily with studs. In the center, attach a beautiful hair clip in the form of a bow or a flower.
2. Make three low weak braids. Wrap them in random beams, fastening with studs.
3.Bite spikelet from the line of bangs large non-tangential strands. At the neck line, fasten with an elastic band. The end is wrapped under the braid and brought out. Loose strands on a curling plate and lay out the curls with a bunch, fixing the studs. Sprinkle with hairspray.
4.; Scrub slightly hair from the bang line. Collect them with a rubber band in the tail. Above the rubber band with your fingers, divide the hair in the middle. Pull the tail through the hole formed through the top. Wrap the tail several times and secure with invisible and studs at the base. Decorate with a hairpin.
5.Separate a strand of hair behind, just above the hair growth line. Divide into four equal strands. Bite each of the thin pigtail. In turn, each pigtail is thrown over the head along the line of hair separation and bangs, fasten hair under the invisible. This will serve as a natural rim. For all previous cases, you can use a band, bandage, hoop, wreath as a rim.
Doing any of these hairstyles, align the bang with a hairdryer or ironing and sprinkle with varnish.

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