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HOW do hairstyles for long hair with bangs

How to make a hairstyle for long hair with bangs

For long hair with bangs, you can choose a variety of options hairstyles. Depending on the destination and the weather outside, you can elegantly decorate loose hair or braid them.

The finishing touch is beautifully laid bangs.

The presence of long hair opens wide possibilities to choose everyday hairstyles. In turn, the bangs can be a major focus and set the tone for the whole image.
If you have a smooth thick bangs, you'll likethe easiest, but it is always in fashion option - hair straightening. Perfectly smooth shiny hair and bangs look attractive without additional decorations, also during the day when the weather is dry they retain the original appearance.
For haircuts with bangs multilayer gear will look favorably volume hairstyle with light waves. Screw locks can be a variety of ways: on the curlers, using a curling iron or ironing.
Bang in the form of an arc or oblique elongated fringeperfectly complement the braided hairstyles. The easiest option - to tie a ballet lump or bun, as it is called. To do this, tie a tail at the center back of the head a large rubber band to match her hair, then they obveyte base bun. Secure the pins and decorate with bright ribbon with a bow. Bang lay with a hair dryer directly or on its side. You can also make a ponytail hairstyle, throwing his tail high base strand of hair straightening.
There are many options for hairstyles with braids, you can do the most.
1; Divide hair parted down the middle of the head. Braid two braids in okolovisochnoy area. Leave a small ponytail, securing it with a thin rubber band to match her hair. Secure randomly each braid by means of pins. In the center, attach a beautiful hairpin bow or flower.
2, Make three low weak tresses. Wrap them in random bundles, securing pins.
3.; Braid spike on the line big bang strands loosely. At the neckline secure the rubber band. The end of the wrap under the braid and print out. Loose screw the strands on the curling iron curls and place beam, fixing pins. Spray hairspray.
4.; Nacheshite little hair from the fringe lines. Collect them using the gum in a ponytail. Above the elastic fingers divide the hair in the middle. Pull the tail through the hole at the top. Wrap the tail several times and secure the Invisibles and pins at the base. Garnish with a hairpin.
5.; Separate a strand of hair back, just above the hairline. Divide into four equal strands. Braid each of the fine braids. In turn each pigtail perebroste over his head on Separation hairline and bangs, secure beneath the hair invisible. This will serve as a natural rim. For all the previous cases as the rim, you can use a tape, a bandage, wrap, wreath.
Doing any of these hairstyles bangs align with a hair dryer or ironing and sprinkled with lacquer.

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