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How to make hair extensions on English technology

How do hair extensions by British technology

One way to hot hair extension is a British technology.

This procedure receives accolades from the ladies from different countries due to the possibility of adjusting hairstyles and other benefits.

English or "Pistola" capacityIt is to use an organic resin for fixing the strands of desired length. The ability to acquire long tresses has a number of advantages. British technology allows for correction of hair with natural hair regrowth.

The nuances of the English building technology

On the "native" hair of the client in Englishbuilt up method thin strands. They attach glue gun, a loaded resin. A small drop of matter is sufficient to fix the strand. Miniature resin capsules distributed in the occipital region, and at the temples.
To the English virtually Hair Extensionsalways used natural hair. Fear hot curls capacity is not necessary, increasing the volume and length of hair due to the use of additional strands carries a minimum of damage to hair.
Hot British capacity allows you to makenatural hair, hair extensions and distinguished family will be very difficult, if you carefully approach the selection of color strands. English technology selected for very thin strands - there are usually not more than 40 hairs. The organic resin is safe, and capsules made so small, so to see them in the hair is almost impossible. You can choose rounded or flat capsules, if desired. This technology allows to increase the long locks can be even on very short hair.

Maintenance and adjustment at the English building

English building technology does not causedamage to the hair, but it is necessary to competently care for newfound hair. First, to properly combed so as not to destroy the resin capsule. For this best fit massage brush, a comb with a few teeth. Before going to bed hair is collected in a ponytail or braid.
The average correction of the strands at the Englishcapacity needed once every three months. In this case, you can remove the hair in minutes, for this master will use a softening liquid. It allows you to make soft capsules, after which they simply combed. And locks and can be used at the next building.
Hot British technology does not affecthair structure, in this capacity can make almost any hairstyle. And even to paint, and kolorirovat Streaked hair. Better use of the most soft colors, the increased locks are also well tolerated discoloration.
When adjusting the strand of hair hairstyles,used for extension, is removed, and then it is fixed above the level closest to the hair roots. This procedure is painless, it does not cause discomfort. However, we must remember that "their" hair when disconnected strands can fall out due to combing.

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