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How to build hair on English technology


How to build hair on English technology</a>

One way to hot hair extensions is English technology.

This procedure receives approval from representatives of the fair sex from different countries due to the possibility of adjusting the hairstyle and other benefits.

English or "pistol" build-upIs to use an organic resin to fix the strands of the desired length. The ability to find long curls has a number of advantages. English technology allows you to correct hair when natural hair regrowth.

Nuances of the English technology of building up

On the "native" hair of the client in EnglishMethod of thin strands. They are attached with a glue gun, loaded with resin. A small drop of substance is enough to fix the strand. Miniature resin capsules are distributed on the occipital area and on the temples.
For the English hair extensionNatural hair is always used. To be afraid of hot build up of ringlets it is not necessary, increase in volume and length of hair because of use of additional strands carries a minimum harm to a head of hear.
Hot English build-up allows you to makeHair style is natural, to distinguish the accrued hair and native will be very difficult, if you carefully approach the selection of a shade of strands. For English technology, very thin strands are chosen - in them, as a rule, not more than 40 hairs. Organic resin is safe, and capsules are made so small, so it's almost impossible to see them in your hair. If desired, you can choose round or flat capsules. This technology allows you to build long strands even for very short hair.

Care and adjustment with English build-up

English extension technology does not causeDamage to the hair, but it is necessary to competently care for the newly acquired hair. First of all, you need to comb correctly, so as not to destroy resin capsules. For this purpose, a massage brush, a comb with rare teeth, is optimal. Before going to sleep, hair should be collected in a tail or a scythe.
Average correction of locks in EnglishBuildup is necessary every three months. In this case, you can remove hair in a few minutes, for this the master will use a softening liquid. It allows you to make the capsules soft, after which they are simply combed. And the lock can be used and the next build-up.
Hot English technology does not affectThe structure of the hair, with this build-up, you can do almost any haircut. And even to color, grind and color hair. It is better to use the most soft dyes, the grown strands also perfectly tolerate the discoloration.
When adjusting the hairstyle of hair,Used for building, is removed, and then it is fixed higher in level, closer to the roots of the hair. This procedure is painless, it does not cause unpleasant sensations. However, it must be remembered that "their" hair when detached strands can begin to fall out due to combing.

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