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How to make a hair and make-up


How to make a hair and make-up</a>

Very often we are surprised that it takes very little time for an expensive salon hairstyle and make-up for a stylist.

Visiting beauty salons, we used to spendLarge sums of money, but not every master can do exactly what we are expecting, and we also have hands, patience and imagination that will help us to do our hair stylish hair and apply beautiful makeup.



This summer, the image of the forest fairy will be very actual, romanticism is again in vogue. If you want to try on this look, you need to make an easy summer makeup And a hairdress, which is not a complex design, consisting of smooth, harvested hair in the region of the temples.


Taking a hair first is necessaryPrepare all the necessary tools. For work you will need forceps with a ceramic coating, with a cross-section of the heated surface of 7 cm, a straightening iron for hair, a strong-fixing hair foam, an average hair fixation hair, and a hair wax.


Clean and dry hair must be covered with foamFor the hair, wait until it dries, then divide all the hair into equal strands of hair. On the head should be a kind of chess board, that is, the strands should be divided symmetrically.


Twisting curls, you need to start from the bottom of the head. Strands of hair, located at the temples do not need to be wound, they will be given shape at the very end of the whole work.


When the hair got kind of separated from each otherFriend curls, you need to give them volume at the roots. For this frequent comb at the roots of each strand, make a small nap, fix it with a small amount of hairspray.


When the varnish dries, with light movements of a rare comb, comb all the curls. The hair will look lush, and to make the curls smooth, separate them with a hair wax.


The remaining strands at the temple straighten with ironing, twist out of them light bundles and fasten them to the back of the head. The remaining straight strands are screwed onto the curling iron.


This easy hair style is perfect for a light summer makeup. On the cleansed face, apply the makeup, Corresponding to your skin tone and tan.


For makeupAnd the eye apply eye shadow for pastel tones. At the outer corner of the eye, put a darker shade of shadows, at the inner corner - a lighter shade. Brush the shadows in the direction toward the center of the century. It is not necessary for summer makeupAnd apply liquid linings, they make the eye heavier.


Brush the mascara with the brushes.


To make up the lips, use a lip gloss that will give freshness to your lips.


With the help of powder, hide the shine of the skin and highlight the cheekbones.


The image will turn out to be complete and romantic, if inHair at the temple you will put a living flower that will emphasize your femininity and tenderness. Today you are a real fairy, which will attract the admiring glances of men.

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