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DO eggs cheerful divers

Making eggs cheerful divers

Such fun divers from eggs can be done with the children, because Easter - a family holiday.

They do it is very simple.

To do this you need only a few materials at hand.

You will need

  • -varenye eggs
  • -pischevaya paint,
  • -kryshki from plastic bottles,
  • -raznotsvetnye gum
  • -vzbity egg white or double sided tape,
  • -solominka beverage
  • -Black cardboard



First you need to make divers melting. To do this, dilute the food dye in a bowl and gently dip to the lower part of the egg. Keep as directed on the package. Then remove and pat dry.


Take the caps from plastic bottles andDraw eyes on them. Glue them rezinochku. You get points. Glue points to the egg. Synthetic glue is better not to glue the eggs, otherwise they will not be able to eat. It is better to make natural glue of the whipped egg white, or use double sided tape.


Take a straw to drink, cut it, bend and attach to the egg.


Cut the fins of black cardboard. And glue them to the bottom of the egg. Divers are ready!

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