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How to make business card holders

How to make a business card holders

Shopping in stores, new friends - all this leads to the fact that women's purse there is a set of business cards, discount cards. Make business card holders with their own hands.

Not only does it save all your contacts, but also become a stylish accessory.

You will need

  • for 1 option:
  • - 2 14 cloth 12 cm
  • - 2 6 piece of fabric 12 cm
  • - A piece of fleece 14 to 12 cm
  • - Hat gum 5 cm
  • - pugovitsa-
  • - igolka-
  • - Thread.
  • For 2 options:
  • - nitki-
  • - Hook.
  • For the 3 options:
  • - nitki-
  • - kryuchok-
  • - Fastener.



Fold the two long sides of the smaller pieces of tissue of about 7 mm. Iron the iron, sew by hand or machine. Put the details.


Now Fliess to attach one of the big piecestissue. Progladte. The result was a front side of a future card holders. Next to that side of the pad on both edges attach small fabric pieces. Pin them to the base of the pins, leaving free the inner side. Turned pockets.


Turn the product on the other side. Apply to Fliess remaining piece of cloth. Progladte. Between lined cloth and paste gum interlocking ring in the middle of the short side of the article.


Sew the layers of tissue by hand or machine on the perimeter of the product and in the middle. At the level of the loop on the opposite side sew a beautiful button. Finished business card holders decorate with embroidery, sequins, flowers.


Also business card holders You can crochet. Type in a chain of air loops equal to the length of 7 cm. Approximately 24 cm knit fabric without nakida column or a column with one nakida.


Finish the job. On both sides of the details, measure 5 cm. Bend these parts, attaching them to the main track. Pin-pin - turned out pockets. Now tie the receipt of the item on the perimeter polustolbikom or column without nakida.


Pockets can also be made separately and then attached. To do this, tie the cloth length of 14 cm. Then, fabricate 2 Details 5 to 7 cm. Sew them on both sides of the base.


Card holder to closed, one side of the air attach chain loops somknite in its ring. On the opposite side sew a button. Pattern the product with embroidery, beads, etc.


Another simple option card holders. Tie a piece the size of 7 to 14 cm. On the reverse side from the middle of the long side sew both edges of the product of the one-piece "lightning." Remove the business card holders. Now, your card will be securely stored.

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