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Making a bedroom design with our own hands</a>

Each apartment in the apartment has its own direction.

A bedroom is a place for rest and seclusion. It should be cozy and comfortable for you.

Turn on your imagination and create a comfortable and unique design yourself. Draw your model plans on a paper sheet, including in them all the zones that you need in the sleeping space.

And then concretize what you want to get as a result.

Style of the bedroom

To the question of choosing a style for a room,Really. It is advisable to think about it at the repair stage. Look through the interior magazines or walk around the furniture salons. Imagine yourself in the chosen space. After all, the repair of the room will be designed for several years. Depending on the chosen style, choose the color solution of the bedroom. Since this is a room for relaxation and relaxation, it is best to use calm colors. If you really want bright motifs, make a few color accents.

Furniture in the bedroom

All arrangement of furniture, first makePaper plan. Draw a scale on the scale, not forgetting about the window and the door. Cut out the cardboard rectangles on the selected scale, which will symbolize the furniture. Move them according to plan, until you achieve a harmonious arrangement.

Bedroom furniture usually includes a bed,Bedside tables, chest of drawers and wardrobe. All this furniture can be purchased both from one series, and combine from different elements, entirely relying on your taste and financial costs. Take a good look at the furniture that you already have. Unusual designer things can be made from what you already have.

You can make a new headboard to the old oneBeds. Unscrew the one that is, or drill out a sheet of plywood or chipboard new so that the attachment points coincide with the frame. Put foam rubber or several layers of sintepon on the wooden workpiece. Open a piece of fabric or imitation leather that will cover the front side of the headboard. Fold her allowances on the opposite side and shoot with a furniture stapler. Hang furniture pockets all the contour of the headboard from the front. You can make a pattern of them all over the outer area of ​​the headboard.

For the convenience of upholstery on the contour, you can use not individual furniture studs, but a ribbon of them.

Refresh your own hands for the bedroom you can and old curbstones. Decorate their facades in decoupage techniques or purchase new ones, attach beautiful handles that match the style of the room.

In the bedroom it is most convenient to use the closet. It can occupy the entire wall, its part or be located in the corner of the room. Carefully calculate that its internal device meets all your needs.

If the doors of the wardrobe are made of frosted glass or mirror, then it is able to visually facilitate the entire structure.

Textiles, bedroom lighting and other small items

Provide not only central lighting, but lamps on the sides of the bed. If you have a cozy corner with an armchair, install there a floor lamp.

Textile decoration of the roomOne style, so that there is no excess variegation, if this is not assumed by your design. On the windows provide for thin and thick curtains, so you can create a twilight on a sunny morning. Bedspreads and pillows on the bed should be in harmony with the window textiles.

Fill the bedroom room with cute little things. It can be your photos within the framework, favorite figurines and other trinkets that will make the room habitable and cozy.

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