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DO bedroom design with their own hands

Make bedroom design with their own hands

Every room in the apartment has its own focus.

Bedroom - a place for rest and solitude. It should be snug and comfortable for you.

Turn on your imagination and create a user-friendly and unique design with their own hands. Draw your rough plan on a paper sheet to include all the areas that you need a sleeping space.

And then to fleshing out what you want to get a result.

Style Bedroom

On the question of the choice of style for a walk up the roomReally. It is desirable to ponder on the stage of repair. Leaf through interior magazines or walk around the furniture store. Imagine yourself in the selected area. After repair of the room will be designed for a few years. Depending on the style bedrooms Pick up the color decision. Since this is a room for relaxation and recreation, it is best to use soothing colors. If you like bright motifs, make a few color accents.

The furniture in the bedroom

The whole arrangement of furniture to make the firstpaper plane. Draw on a scale of the room, not forgetting about the window and door. Cut out of cardboard boxes in the selected scale, which will symbolize the furniture. Move them on the plan until you achieve the harmonious arrangement.

Bedroom set typically includes a bed,bedside tables, chest of drawers and a wardrobe. All this furniture can be purchased from the same series, and combine elements from different, relying entirely on your taste and financial costs. Look closely to the furniture that you already have in stock. Unusual design things you can do from what you already have.

You can make a new headboard to the oldbed. Remove the one that is, or saw out of a sheet of plywood or particle board so new to the place for fastening coincide with the frame. Put on the wood foam or several layers of padding polyester. Vykroyte of cloth or leatherette detail, which will cover the front side of the head. Fold allowances on its reverse side and shoot the furniture stapler. Stud in upholstery nails entire contour the head from the front. You can make a pattern of them all over the outer area of ​​the head.

For convenience, the contour of the upholstery can be used not separate furniture carnation, and one tape.

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Update your hands for the bedroom can and old stone. Decorate their facades in the technique of decoupage or purchase a new, beautiful, attach the handle to the appropriate style of the room.

In the bedroom, it's best to use the wardrobe. It can take up an entire wall, part of it or stay in a corner of the room. Carefully calculate that its internal structure to meet all of your needs.

If door coupe will be cabinet of frosted glass or mirror, it is able to visually lighten the entire structure.

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Textiles, bedroom lighting and other stuff

Consider not only the central light, and the lamp on the bed sides. If you have a cozy corner with a chair, a floor lamp, set there.

Textile design of the room in the exposeuniform style, to avoid unnecessary medley, if it is not supposed to your design. The windows contemplate subtle and blackout curtains so that you can create in a sunny morning twilight. Bedspread and pillows on the bed should be in harmony with the window textiles.

Fill the room bedroom cute little thing. It can be your framed photos, favorite figurines and other trinkets that will make the room cozy and homely.

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