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How to make bat and siskin

bits and siskin

This bit and a small wooden siskin, like a pencil, your children need to play Russian folk game Siskin.

If you are not yet familiar with this game, be sure to read the rules and tell your child about this exciting game in which you need to play in the street.

You will need

  • - wooden plank
  • - A piece of wood
  • - Knife or a saw
  • - sandpaper
  • - Pencil or pen



Pick the right size board, the length of 70-90cm and a width of 12 cm. Then Scrollsaw saw or cut out with a knife handle, outline the contours of a pencil. The handle should get a length of 10 cm. Blade rounded corners and smoothed with sandpaper, so that children do not injure themselves when they play. You can cut a very simple bit of form.


To take a small canary bar 8-12 cm longand a width of 2-3 cm. Gently knife undermined both ends like ochinennogo pencil, but not very serious. To impact on chizhu stick, not breaking off the sharp ends, and the guys have not hurt his hand when his fishing. Draw a pencil or felt-tip pen on each side numbers from one to four (Arabic or Roman).


If a child has a skill with a knife, the numbers on the faces canary it can cut - they are more durable than painted.

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