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How to make an acoustic shelf

Ready-made shelf

Very few people are satisfied with the sound quality in the car.

Sometimes it is the impression that it's all out in the trunk, leaving only the noise in the cabin.

This is especially noticeable in the budget hatchback car with a body, but also sedans often suffer from such a disease. The only way out of this situation is to install acoustic shelf.

But buying expensive ready? handmade still, and sometimes impossible to find the right? no suitable model for your car or not satisfied with the design.

There is a way - to make the shelf itself.

You will need

  • Plywood 7 mm, Carpet, tape measure, ruler, jigsaw, drill, screws, self-tapping screws, staple gun, wood glue (tissue-tree), perforated steel tape, corners, hinges, piano hinges.



The first thing to do - is to remove sizesyour shelves. Immediately worth mention that in a sedan regiment should be done by a single element, even if the full-time consists of several. The hatchback is also possible to produce the shelf one of the sidewalls of the regiment, but in this case you will lose the functionality of the luggage compartment of the machine with the body type, optimal for the production of a hatchback and side shelves in factory format. Size of the components is to measure in the same position as they are in the car. Draw a sketch on a piece of paper and write down the measurements, a hyphen, record the dimensions of elements taken from the shelves of the car, so you will turn tolerances.

Dimensions of the shelf


In order not to spoil the plywood and redo everythingthe new, apply a first billet sizes on thick cardboard (box from the TV or refrigerator), cut with the stock and adjust the place in the body of the car. For hatchback initially be manufactured sidewall, they tend to be mirrored, so make one, and make a second move. When the details of the sidewalls can be ready to make a test fitting, secure mounting and set them on the regular places. Now, re-produce, measure the distance to the main shelves and shelves cut out elements on them.


Connect with each other elements of the shelf usingloops, set-fixing joints and try on. If all the details laid down in the regular places without tension, set the seat back, and smoothly closed the tailgate, it can be assumed that the hardest part of the work performed. Now you need to decide on the place of location of the speakers, you can set a regular round of dynamics, as well as more powerful and best sounding size 6x9 inches. If they stand on the side members of the shelves, then try on them to set the sidewalls, which would subsequently their placement did not interfere with elements of the bodywork of the car. Then Scrollsaw holes for speakers or produce podiums aimed at them.

Manufacturing podiums for speakers


When working with wood finished, proceedfor pasting elements fabric? Carpet. Pieces of fabric cut with a margin of 3-4 cm from each side, that it is necessary to wrap the edge of the shelf elements. We cover the glue the front part of the shelf and the fabric on the reverse side, putting the cloth on the shelf, carefully smoothes the fabric on the surface, Carpet - very supple fabric, it stretches well on curves and recesses. Carpet edges secured with a staple gun. Then set the fixing elements of the sidewalls, and place all speakers at the regular locations. Now you will be surprised at how music began to sound in the cabin.

Pasting CARPET

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